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A Thought on Life article by Dr Palash Thhakur



Bringing a life or being a channel that enables life in this world is the biggest gift given to us. All the nature’s elements and all living beings come together, like a harmony, as one, and create conditions that make it possible for life to take place. It is a universal force to which we are all connected. A force that is not seen or heard but felt in a form that is most pure & real than the reality we think we know.

Whenever a new life appears in front of us, our nurturing instincts are automatically activated and this is not limited to humans – but all living beings. The feeling that immediately fills up the soul is so pure that it lights up all our senses and everything around us seems beautiful. It is a moment where even the strongest of our body’s blocked chakras get activated & we feel blessed and free.

..And this is not even limited to females. It is only humans that distinguish genders when it comes to nurturing. Each living soul is made up of two equal halves namely shiv (the male principle) and shakti (the female principle) that comes together and make it possible for our senses to observe & think rationally and feel emotions at the same time. Hence, all living beings are made up of these who prime energies; just like two sides of the same coin. There is a reason all living beings were designed this way; so that each one of us could understand the universe, it’s creations and our purpose.

In the kali yuga or kalyuga (last of the 4 life cycles), it is saddening to see that some of us have forgotten this gift and the value of life is diminishing. We are polluting the rivers and air, raging wars against each other, destroying forests and killing animals for greed and convenience. As humans, we have self-proclaimed definitions of luxury, money, power and righteousness which are mostly put in place for convenience. We value something only until it allows us to get everything easily, without giving a second thought about the disturbance we create. We are challenging the natural form of this world without realizing the consequences. Needless to say, such actions are just the beginning of an end.

I have seen people coming together as one only at dire times or at times of grave danger or emergencies. In such situations, we offer help, let go of our materialistic possessions and just have love and compassion to offer. However, when we are stuck in the complex web of today’s lifestyle, we easily forget about life around us and solely focus our family, our good, our health and our happiness. Although we are aware of our wrongdoings, we merely learn the statistics and forget about it, because it is not directly impacting us, just yet.

If you think of karma, it is not just limited to an act of kindness or instant justice for an evil act. Karma is about caring for all living and non-living things created by the universe that have a purpose to fulfill, just like we do and not fidgeting with the creator’s creation. Karma is about making the best use of our senses to create a better world for everyone who has been or will be put here.

As the most gifted beings, we must make changes in our thought process and indulge in a lifestyle that does not adversely affect our natural surroundings and other living beings. There is plenty on this planet to feed our body and senses. Let us value, preserve and sustain life in its natural form.

– Palash Thhakur #palashthhakur

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