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Learn to Meditate from Dr. Palash Thhakur

How to Meditate

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What is Meditation?

In simple words, meditation is about training your mind. Life can be chaotic, busy and complex. Things may not make sense, incidents in life may seem beyond our control. Fear, anxiety and negative emotions may reside inside us. Meditation puts our mind in a state of calm, increases our concentration, alertness and enhances our emotions. Regularly practicing the meditation techniques can lead to an energized and positive life.

Meditation Steps:

1. Relax Yourself - Before you can focus inward, it is important to relax your muscles/body. My suggestion is to start with basic pranayama yoga - kapalbhati and anulom vilom for 10-15 minutes.

2. Create the Atmosphere - Getting random thoughts while trying to relax is quite natural and therefore creating a soothing environment is helpful to prevent distraction.

a. Essential Oils like Lavender and Sandalwood work best. Mix your preferred essential oil with water and diffuse it using an electronic diffuser or a burner

b. Incense Sticks - As an alternative to or combination with essential oils, light your incense sticks at least 30-40 minutes before you begin your meditation. Make sure there is enough ventilation in the room.

c. Use soothing music like soft meditation tones or nature sounds as background music. There are lots of free music sources over the internet.

d. Create a 'Clear Meditation Space' of at least 100 sq foot that is without any objects or distractions.

e. Use a yoga mat or a clean towel - whichever is comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes.

3. Meditate - There are numerous sources that have their own ways and techniques. I suggest you to follow the following simple method:

Sit straight and make yourself comfortable. Rest your right palm facing upwards on your left pam. Close your eyes, take few deep breaths and few normal breaths, think of yourself as a part of the larger universe, clear your mind of any thoughts and focus only on your breath - inhaling and exhaling. When you inhale, try to follow your breath all the way inside you - filling you up with positive energy. When you exhale, follow your breath out and imagine getting rid of all your emotional and physical ailments. After a few minutes, you will feel that your breathing is becoming even and lighter. Having random thoughts while focusing on your breath is natural. If you get distracted for a short period, do not worry or think  about it and start again. There is no routine or time limit for this practice.

Remember: If you have any physical limitations or health problems that can impact your ability or put you at risk, first consult your doctor.

– Palash Thhakur #palashthhakur

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