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Living Positive - How to live positive tips


living positive

Everything in this universe is formed of and linked to the five core elements (Panch Mahabhuta)- earth/bhumi, fire/agni, air/pawan, water/jal and sky/aether. Each living and non-living being or thing is linked to each other through energy.

Our universe is unbiased when it comes to the give and take i.e. it reciprocates the energies that you emit or exhibit regularly. Have you ever wondered why some people are always happier and appear as magnets to others – vibrant, charming and full of life?

That’s because they think positive and receive positivity in return – a belief that is not inherited but practiced – overtime. Even in troubled situations, these people exhibit confidence in their positive belief and overcome dire situations with ease.

So how does one practice being positve?

– Take a Pause from your stressful life (no diversion but complete pause; ditch your gadgets)

– Visit a place where you are close to nature & observe in complete silence

– Re-think the meaning and purpose of – life and true happiness

– Get away from people who always put your mind in doubt and only speak of negative incidents or occurrences in daily life

– Throw a challenge at the Universe – smile and be positive in trying situations and strongly believe that something good will work out. Universe will test you, at times, more than once, but eventually take you as its own and never disappoint you.

– Try yoga and meditation for a cleaner, healthier body and mind.

Wish you a healthy, happy and positive life.

(Palash Thhakur) #palashthhakur

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