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Lunar Eclipse July 2018

Lunar Eclipse July 27 2018

lunar eclipse july 2018

Lunar Eclipse July 27 2018 (GMT+4):

First Contact with the Penumbra – 21:14:48 on 27th, July

First Contact with the Umbra – 22:24:26 on 27th, July

Total Phase Begins – 23:30:14 on 27th, July

Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 00:21:44

Total Phase Ends – 01:13:11

Last Contact with the Umbra – 02:18:59

Last Contact with the Penumbra – 03:28:37

Lunar Eclipse July 27 2018 (GMT+5:30):

First Contact with the Penumbra – 22:44:48 on 27th, July

First Contact with the Umbra – 23:54:26 on 27th, July

Total Phase Begins – 01:00:14

Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 01:51:43

Total Phase Ends – 02:43:11

Last Contact with the Umbra – 03:48:59

Last Contact with the Penumbra – 04:58:37


Duration of Total Phase – 01 Hour 42 Mins 56 Secs

Duration of Partial Phase – 03 Hours 54 Mins 32 Secs

Duration of Penumbral Phase – 06 Hours 13 Mins 48 Secs

Magnitude of Lunar Eclipse – 1.61

Magnitude of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 2.68

The Total Lunar Eclipse would be visible from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia and most countries of Asia continent.

Although there is limited scientific evidence or study that conclusively specifies the impact of eclipse on human body, vedic knowledge put a great deal of importance to eclipses.


1. Do not eat anything during the eclipse.

2. Avoid any sort of physical intimacy.

3. Pregnant women should not indulge in any physical activity. Water can be consumed. Put a fresh basil leaf in your water bottle at all times until the end of eclipse.

4. Any form of Jap/Jaap during the eclipse is greatly beneficial.

5. Stay indoor during the eclipse. Pregnant women should stop going out starting 12:28 PM (GMT+4) or 01.58 PM (GMT+5:30) until the end.

6. Once eclipse is over, do not touch anything or anybody and go for a bath. Wash your clothes immediately.

7. In terms of work, avoid any business decision until 29th or 30th of this month.


The planetary positions of Rahu & Ketu (two most influential nodes of moon during the eclipse – as per vedas) on 27th & 28th will be very harmful to everyone (especially because of Rahu). During these two days, the power of other planets in the house will be minimal. Hence, this is a time to stay low and avoid any travel, physically challenging tasks or take important life decisions. There is a tendency for you to feel lazy, lethargic, over-spending and get destructive thoughts. Pray to your deity and entertain yourself – movies/music and take it easy.

For No. 9 people (born on 27th) – Day will be neutral with strong effects from Ketu making you lazy and dull. Tasks – personal and professional will be slow and results wont come at all. Advise you to stay in company of friends and family.

For No. 1 people (born on 28th) – Sun will be overpowered by Rahu after being in the weakest form for 24 hours. Praying to sun on 28th morning is your best chance to get things done. Avoid any sort of intoxication. Avoid getting into arguments, especially with people of authority.

Wish you a great week. #palashthhakur

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