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the journey

Each day all of us wake up with a wish to accomplish something. It could be getting in shape, excelling at work, buying a house, travel the world or finding love. Universe has gifted us the senses to seek, learn, dream, hope and develop the spirit to move small steps..towards our goals. No matter in what shape, size or place, we are all doing the same thing – starting or in midst of our journey.

Accomplishment is a broad term and has different meanings for different people. Hence, before you start, ask yourself the following:

Whether this journey towards your goal is your own?

The way we think, act, react and even dream is all seeded into us by our previous generations, by the way we are brought up or through the external environment or the societies we live in. For instance, if you belong to a medical family, your ultimate goal will be to be a medical professional or a doctor. Similarly, your common reactions to situations, other societies and people are influenced by your own society. Hence, your goal must be your goal and not something that is manifested by default.

What this accomplishment will eventually mean to you?

Whatever your accomplishment – money, love or service to the society, the end result is to be happy or have peace of mind. Take a moment and imagine your daily life – professional and personal. Think the way you will start your morning, your meals, your evenings and travel. Be realistic and if required, observe and consult someone you know who is already living your dream. If all the pros and cons still give you a great feeling, you are on the right path.

What’s next?

This is the most important question we forget to ask ourselves – What Next? You have achieved the goal, you are happy and life is better than before but if you think this is the end of your journey, you may be wrong. Until we are on this planet in our physical form, we will never run out of journeys – when one ends, the other awaits and if you have successfully chosen your initial path by asking yourself all the above three questions, you will take your next journey with a wiser, happier and peaceful mind.

– Palash Thhakur #palashthhakur

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