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Angel Numbers – A quick guide on repeated numbers!

Angel Numbers are divine messages. If you see a set of repeated numbers over and over, they mean something.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer)

Do you keep seeing repeated numbers like 111? or 555? Does your attention automatically goes to figures like 11:11 or 2121 or 444? Then this article is for you.

Angel Numbers are divine messages from the higher power. Whether you believe in god or the universal forces, these numbers are communicative form to drop a message. The idea is all about guiding you towards the right direction.

Angels are beings assigned to overlook, guide, protect and show us our crafted path. They are here to support us and communicate through these angel numbers.

Number 111

Whenever you see 111, it signifies a new beginning of your life. Something that has been prolonged and stagnated now will end. You are about to start a new phase of your life. This phase will be beneficial for you. All the past sufferings will come to an end. The new path will still have challenges. However, you will find the will and motive to move ahead. This could mean an end to a bad relationship. It could also mean a new career move or a change of place. Whatever the change, it will just elevate you. The angels are asking you to move ahead with confidence. They are asking you to manifest your desires.

Number 1111

Whenever you see 1111 repeatedly, this is a very powerful message. It fact, it is one of the best things to see. Your guardian angels are signifying a new openings of a portal. They are asking you to believe in yourself. Also, they want you to never stop believing in your dreams. If you are lost without a purpose, it will soon present itself. You will find your soul’s purpose. Your prayers are about to be answered. Angels are asking you to accept what the universe is about to offer you. It is asking you to turn into the spiritual side to see the deeper meaning of things. You should renew your faith in your hidden potential.

Number 222

2 is a number ruled by Moon in Numerology. When you see 222 regularly, this is a message from the guiding angels that a balance is required in your life. Firstly, you are on the correct path. However, you may have to make some difficult choices. Especially, if it comes to relationships or partnerships, you may be required to make some tough decisions. Plus, you may find yourself stuck between two ends. However, in this situation, you must utilize your intuition and take the right step. Something that leads to your growth. Finally, you must manifest the kind of relationships you want in life.

Number 1212

Number 1 in Numerology corresponds to leadership, progress and ambition. No. 2 signifies intuition, focus and sensitivity. It also has a spiritual side to it. When you see 1212 on a constant basis, it holds a special message for you. Angels are trying to tell you to be positive. They are asking you to be persistent towards the kind of life you wish to live. You should take the lead in transforming yourself. Also, your mindset. Be the kind of human being you’d fall in love with. Remove pessimism from your life. Train yourself, learn new things & dream BIG.

Number 333

No. 3 in Numerology represents creativity, wisdom and communication. It also represents experiences through life. When 333 comes to you in the form of angel message, then it represents a divine message. The total 9 represents movement, progress. Hence, when you see 333, the angels are asking you to keeping walking towards the purpose of your life. You are right where you should be. You’ll be experiencing new adventures, new awakenings and you must utilize them to manifest abundance in your life. This is one of the most positive messages.

Number 444

Number 4 in Numerology signifies stability. It is like the 4 corners of the square. People are heard-headed and worrying. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone. 4s always look back at the past and worry about the future. When 444 appear in front of you, the universe is asking you to listen to the advice of others. There is something that you are missing out. Seek help. Evaluate what is holding you back. In relationships, 444 requires you to see the reality and focus on what’s best. Generally, guardian angels want you to live in the present.

Number 555

Number 5 is all about movement. It signifies newness. New doors, new opportunities. In Numerology, this is one of the best numbers for transformation. It is unpredictable but lucky. When you see 555, a change is certain. This is in progress. Hence, the angels want you to remain optimistic. In relationships, angels want you to focus on what’s important. If the current situations don’t support your progress, you got to still move on. 555 totals 15 or 6 which means you got to be responsible, explorative, flexible and positive. New adventures are awaiting. This is your moment. Take it.

Number 666

Number 6 in numerology is usually misinterpreted as responsible. However, it is all about balance. When you usually stumble upon 666 at the back of a car number plate or a doorway sign, then there is a message for you. The guardian angels are telling you to stop being fixated on one area of your life. This could be your relationship or work. If you are stuck, this is time to strike a balance. Else, it will ruin all other aspects of your life. 666 totals to 18 or reduced to 9 which signifies movement. Hence, progress is key. You must focus on materialism, progress rather than just on relationships.

Number 777

7 is one of the most luckiest numbers. 7 is all about looking inwards. It is about spiritual awakening. Plus, it signifies consciousness. Moreover, 7 signifies everything about unchartered territories. When you see 777, the angels are bringing a special message. They want you to be explorative, communicative, creative, real and aware. Things will work in your favor if you stop introspecting everything. Use your intuitive potential to benefit your commercial and personal growth. You are doing a good job and things will materialize for you. Stop doubting yourself.

Number 888

8 in numerology signifies strength, confidence and materialism. It is also connected to wisdom, will power and strength. When you see 888 reappearing in front of you, the angels are trying to tell you to stick to your path. That is, whatever it is that you are doing is correct. The material abundance and stability that you’ve always wanted is now coming your way. In terms of relationships, angel number 888 means you are attracting a stable and positive person. Those seeking love will meet their soulmate. Hence, never stop showering your love.

Number 999

Number 9 in Numerology is about closures. This is the end of a cycle. In a way, it also means something new will come up. You have learnt a lot of life lessons, both in terms of work and people. You have gained wisdom. Take this as a form of enlightenment. 999 which is 27; also reduces to 9. This means that progress is certain. You should embrace what’s coming with grace and positivity. In terms of love life, this means that you will meet someone with whom you will develop a deep spiritual connection. Keep yourself open to new experiences and people.

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