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Corona-virus – Positive Lessons for Humanity

The current pandemic has reminded us of few important life lessons. It is time that we strike a balance between the worldly vs. natural ways of life.

Pranam and Namaste,

In the current scenario, world is coming to terms with the actual reality of life – that we are not in control. Thousands have lost their lives while countless continue to suffer in quarantine. My prayers go to everyone and I hope that the almighty restores a healthy world again.

corona-virus positive lessons

In these trying times, we have learnt a few lessons:

Importance of Our Existence

Each day, all of us thank the lord and the universe that we are still healthy and breathing.

Importance of Our Needs and Luxuries

Rationing food and basic necessities including medical essentials. We also value luxuries such as cable tv, internet connectivity and music services more than ever.

Importance of the Needs of Others

Helping those who survive on daily wages by providing food and water. Compassion has once again surfaced in a stronger way on this planet.

Importance of Relationships

Spending quality time with our loves ones in absence of the daily rat race – that we are accustomed to normally. We also thank those who are not directly connected to us but share the same social cause and civic duties – including grocery workers, healthcare professionals and law enforcement officials who are working around the clock to provide for us and keep us safe.

Importance of Time

Making each minute and hour useful and productive, we no longer rush into things and give our heart and soul into everything we do. Some of us our living our childhood memories again while others for the first time, are doing something new that makes them happy.

Importance of Nature

We’ve learnt the importance of living simple, respecting the laws of nature and all its beings – especially, animals. We now value healthy coexistence and realize the perils of meddling with it.

Importance of Silence

The most forgotten yet the most essential, spending time with silence is developing our concentration and conscience – reshaping our thoughts and giving us time to focus on our ultimate goals in life.

Importance of Questioning

Giving up the herd mentality, we are also questioning the actions of those who are leading us in life. We are moving away from the ‘usual’ way of life to a more ‘natural’ way of life.

Every few years, nature gives us warnings, it then pleads and finally, it corrects things. Unfortunately, we, the human beings, always learn the importance lessons in the harshest way possible. Also unfortunately, we easily forget these lessons and repeat our mistakes.

Let this pandemic and the extreme pain of loss around the world change us for good. Let’s show gratitude and humbleness for what we have. Lets us forget our differences – that are only created by us, not the Mother Nature. Let us learn to be strike a balance between our personal and professional lives. Finally, let us make the most of our lives as human being, not gods.

Wishing & Hoping for a Colorful and Blessed Life,

dr palash thhakur

– Dr. Palash Thhakur

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