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Ganga Dussehra – Date, Shubh Muhurat & Significance

Ganga Dussehra 2021: According to the Hindu calendar 2021, Ganga Dussehra will begin on Sunday, June 20. Agreeing to Hindu mythology, Goddess Ganga descended to earth on Dashami within the month of Jyeshtha to free the souls of Bhagiratha’s precursors from a revile.

Author: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Holistic Healer)

Updated On: 19th June, 2021 | 7 Min Read

Ganga Dussehra, also known as Gangavataran, is a Hindu festival celebrating the avatarana (descent) of the Ganges. Bhagirath wanted to bring Ganga to earth so she could bestow nirvana to Bhagirath’s ancestors who were burnt to ashes because of sage Kapil’s curse.

Bhagirath performed penance for decades before Bhrama ji was pleased and presented him with his wishful boon. It is believed that Ganga descended from the kamandal of Lord Brahma in the heaven. However, Ganga warned Bhagirath that her fierce flow will inundate the entire earth.

To this, Bhagirath performed a second penance to please lord Shiva , who agreed to help by holding Ganga in his braid. Bhagirath then carved the way in the Himalyan region to bring Ganga down on earth.

Ganga originates in the Himalaya Mountains at Gomukh, the terminus of the Gongotri Glacier. When the ice of this glacier melts, it forms the clear waters of the Bhagirathi River. As the Bhagirathi River flows down the Himalayas, it joins the Alaknanda River, officially forming the Ganges River.

Ganga Dusshera festival starts a day before Nirjala Ekadashi and goes on for a period of 10 days. The festival is observed by Hindus mainly in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, and West Bengal, where the river flows.

On this day, devotees take holy dips into the river Ganga and offer the prayer. People also believe that the Ganga water has medicinal benefits and it cures various ailments. Aarti of Ganga is performed with multiple lamps at the bank of Ganga in the evening with devotion and enthusiasm.

Ganga Dussehra 2021 Tithi & Puja Muhurat:

Dashami tithi begins: 6:45 pm on June 19

Dashami tithi ends: 4:21 pm on June 20

Hasta Nakshatra timings: 9:38 pm on June 18 to 8:29 pm on June 19

Vyatipata Yoga timings: 12.29 am on June 17 to 12.26 pm on June 18

Auspicious Puja Muhurat: 9:21 am – 11:01 am (20th June) – Indian Standard Time (IST)

Auspicious Mantra to Chant: ॐ नमो गंगायै विश्वरूपिण्यै नारायण्यै नमो नमः (108 Times)

Ganga Aarti:

ॐ जय गंगे माता, श्री जय गंगे माता
जो नर तुझको ध्याता
जो नर तुझको ध्याता, मनवांछित फल पाता
ॐ जय गंगे माता

चंद्र सी जोत तुम्हारी, जल निर्मल आता
मैया जल निर्मल आता
शरण पडें जो तेरी
शरण पडें जो तेरी, वो नर तर जाता
ॐ जय गंगे माता

पुत्र सगर के तारे, सब जग को ज्ञाता
मैया सब जग को ज्ञाता
कृपा दृष्टि तुम्हारी
कृपा दृष्टि तुम्हारी, त्रिभुवन सुख दाता
ॐ जय गंगे माता

एक ही बार जो तेरी, शरणागति आता
मैया शरणागति आता
यम की त्रास मिटा कर
यम की त्रास मिटा कर, परमगति पाता
ॐ जय गंगे माता

आरती मात तुम्हारी, जो जन नित्य गाता
मैया जो जन नित्य गाता
दास वही सहज में
दास वही सहज में, मुक्त्ति को पाता
ॐ जय गंगे माता

ॐ जय गंगे माता, श्री जय गंगे माता
जो नर तुझको ध्याता
जो नर तुझको ध्याता, मनवांछित फल पाता
ॐ जय गंगे माता
ॐ जय गंगे माता
ॐ जय गंगे माता

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