How Does One Stay Happy in This World

Learn what it is being really happy in this world and ways to sustain that state of mind..

Without going into the theoretical definition, happiness is a state of mind.

In simple words, you are at peace when you are happy. You are actually present in today, the Now of your life.

In a true happy state, you are aware. Your consciousness is alive. Your creativity is sky high.

This peaceful state of being present in Now makes you a true living being. Your thoughts are renewed and refreshed continuously.

This ultimate state of mind develops you. It helps you realize your purpose of life. It also helps you stay content with what you have.

Living in this eternal state of mind blocks the past and the future.

What Prevents Us from Being Happy?

It all begins within you. Universe never deprives us of anything. We are a product of our choices.

Responsibilities vs Choices

It is important not to confuse your choices with your responsibilities. Your Dharma / responsibilities / goals are different from your karma / actions / choices.

How you choose to act is totally upon you. Hence, some people smile and get their work done while others stress out and even exhibit anger.

Adding to this, at times, there are people who deliberately try to stress you out. In contrast, their presence may naturally give you stress.

Once again, here the choice is yours’. One is to accept the differences and live in harmony. Other choice is to break your association.

Needs vs Wants

Human beings are forgetting this distinction. Some conveniently ignore it too.

Your basic needs are now being replaced by wants. Things you need for survival vs. things you need for leisure. This has been more prevalent in the last decade.

Junk food, branded apparel and luxury lifestyle are desired by everyone. This creates a never ending cycle.

Herd Mentality

Just because everyone acts in a particular way, it doesn’t mean you should too. You are now living by the standards set by others.

..and you are instilling this into the minds of the new generation. This mentality blurs an individual’s own unique self.

It deviates people from understanding and realizing the purpose of their lives. Think about it – those who lead this herd mentality are the ones who gain, not you.

So, How Do We Stay Happy, Always?

It is no rocket science. It is simply a matter of choice. To get you started, here are a few simple tips.

1. Start & Finish Early

There are tons of books from successful people that suggest you to get up early. There is a simple logic to it.

Scientifically, body and mind works better after ample rest. That is, the energy input and output stays balanced.

Moreover, the first rays of light have the most positive influence on your mind and actions. In simple words, the positive energies are amplified early in the morning.

2. You are in Control

Each morning, get up and tell yourself – these next 8-10 hours of the day are under my control.

I will choose what to do. Situations may or may not be in my favor. However, I will choose how to react. This day will be better than yesterday.

I will climb up one ladder – professional or spiritual. I will end up gaining.

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3. Appreciate More Often

Small drops of water form the ocean. Each minute you have an opportunity to smile. Every tiny moment is a celebration.

Each morning, get up and thank the lord for still breathing. Thank for the food on your table. Be thankful for the people who you live with.

Appreciate the failures that made you wise. Also, thank for the pain that made you stronger than ever.

The more you appreciate, the more you smile, the more you celebrate.

4. Less is Enough

Sit and think of the things you ‘really’ need. Discard everything else.

Think if you ever had to carry all that you own? What is that you would fit in your backpack or carry bag? What will you leave behind?

Start with the things you haven’t used in a while. Donate everything to someone who might need them.

This exercise will make you feel light. It will also help you make better buying decisions in life.

5. Experiment and Repeat

Finally, stagnation or boredom can deviate you from being happy. This is a normal human tendency. You may break the routine or forget the above 3 suggestions.

Change is the only constant. Hence, bring change in your life, occasionally. Try things you used to do as a child. Be silly.

..or try to do things you have never done before. Humans are the most curious race on this planet.

Another way to refresh your happy state of mind is to travel. Explore new places and people.

When you bring in newness into your life occasionally, you will appreciate and sustain your routine life. As a result, you will sustain the happiness cycle.

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