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Moon Zodiac Signs – The Best Way To Build a Strong Emotional Bond

Moon Zodiac Signs – Crave a Strong Emotional Bond with your partner? Wish to prevent the love boat from sinking? Read on..

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist). Connect on Instagram | Connect on Facebook

Astrology is a great science that can help you with your relationships. Know More

Moon Zodiac Signs & Relationships

Relationships are very important in our lives. We all crave for love, attachment and emotional availability. Our expectations from people, especially our partner are key. They say, that 90% of your mental state depends upon your relationships. Hence, why not use Astrology as a tool to strengthen your bond with your partner.

Today, I will give you some valuable information. In Vedic Astrology, we put a lot of emphasis on Moon Horoscope. This is also called Chandra Kundali. But why do we make it at the first place? and How does it differ from your Lagna or Ascending Kundali or Horoscope?

In simple terms, a Lagna kundali is the blueprint of your life. It tells you about the energies of the planets that support you or work against you. On the other hand, Chandra Kundali mostly tells you about your emotional state and your interactions with the world.

Afterall, your actions and reactions decide a lot of what you achieve in life. Hence, this Chandra Kundali or Horoscope is also used for naming an individual in India. Therefore, it is of prime importance.

Now, there is a strong correlation between Moon Zodiac Signs and relationships. You will be able to understand the thoughts, emotions and desires of your partner. Moreover, learning about them will help you build a strong emotional bond with your partner. Read on..

Moon Zodiac Signs – Aries to Cancer

Aries – If your moon is in Aries, you will be a natural powerhouse. Your excitement and passion will be clearly visible. Moreover, you will love without limits. Also, you will easily exhibit your emotions. Finally, you will also have a strong will power to fight out adversities.

Taurus – If your moon is in Taurus, you will be sensual and materialistic. That is, you love leisure and luxury. Plus, you are calm but equally strong-headed. You will dislike spontaneous plans. Instead, you will prefer order and structure. Finally, your expectations are quite high to fulfill.

Gemini – If your moon is in Gemini, you will prefer to communicate freely. This is stimulating for you. Also, connecting with someone should be a natural flow for you, not a process. Furthermore, you will overthink a lot. Having said that, you are real, raw & easy going.

Cancer – If your moon is in Cancer, then you will be natural giver. Mostly, you overdo things for others. If you don’t receive the care in return, you will feel unfulfilled. Emotional connection, peace and stability are important for you. Lastly, you are a hardcore loyalist.

Moon Zodiac Signs – Leo to Scorpio

Leo – If your moon is in Leo, you will be a fireball. In simple words, you will wish to be the center of attraction. Plus, you energies will be vibrant and cheerful. You will be loyal but also have high expectations. Moreover, you are bossy in relationships. Nevertheless, you will make a fun-loving partner.

Virgo – If your moon is in Virgo, you will be sensitive and a perfectionist. You’ll prefer a certain flow to things. Hence, you will not be good with surprises. Also, in relationships, you are a giver. However, your mindset will not be easy to comprehend. You won’t be able to share your feelings clearly.

Libra – If your moon is in Libra, you will be an aesthetically driven person. You’ll have an eye for finer things in life. Relationships, family and socializing will be important to you. Moreover you will go to great lengths to ensure harmony. Lastly, you are a giver but receiving back will also be important to you.

Scorpio – If your moon is in Scorpio, you will be intuitive and extreme. Loyality, passion and trust drive you. However, you will always put yourself first. Moreover, in relationships, your partner will need to invest a lot of time to understand your emotional swings. Finally, insecurities can prove self-destructive.

Moon Zodiac Signs – Sagittarius to Pisces

Sagittarius – If your moon is in Sagittarius, you will be free, expressive and adventurous. You will never back down on taking risks. Also, leisure and exploring the world with your partner will be important to you. Furthermore, you’ll prefer living in the moment. Finally, you will be protective and possessive for your partner.

Capricorn – If your moon is in Capricorn, you will be an ambitious individual. You will take your time to commit to anyone; based on the benefits it brings to you. That is, your growth will be key to you. Also, you will focus on stability and dislike any mismanagement. Finally, you will be bossy in relationships.

Aquarius – If your moon is in Aquarius, you will be open, fun and practical. Moreover, you will be a natural humanitarian. Adding to this, you will be too rational at times. Hence, you will come across as someone who is emotionally detached. Finally, you will overthink on most aspects.

Pisces – If your moon is in Pisces, you will be an oversensitive person. Also, dreamy and emotional. Hence, you will be extreme possessive in relationships. In fact, relationships will drive your life. Plus, you will overthink and overgive. Nevertheless, you will be a solid romantic.

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