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Numerology Life Path Numbers Most Compatible with Zodiac Signs

Numerology and Zodiac Signs have a strong connection. Learn all about Life Path Numbers & their Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. This is your ultimate guide to connect with likeminded people.

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Author: Dr. Palash Thhakur
Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer

Some people believe that opposites attract. On the contrary, some wish to meet people with common interests. In my personal opinion, the former is exciting. However, it is temporary. The latter enables a long-term sync. Knowing about Numerology Life Path Numbers and Zodiac Signs will be exciting. It will help you connect with people most compatible to you.

Numerology and Zodiac Signs In a Nutshell

Numerology is a wonderful energy science. It unlocks the traits of people. It divides people into nine (1-9) core numbers and three (3) master numbers (11,22,33). Each of these numbers share few common characteristics.

Zodiacs or the study of Astrology divides people into 12 signs. First set includes Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. Second set includes Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These zodiac signs also share some common characteristics.

It is interesting to see how these zodiac signs and numerology life path numbers share a common connection. But before we begin, let’s understand what is a life path number.

What is a Numerology Life Path Number

A Numerology Life Path Number highlights your purpose within the bigger picture. It is the ultimate plan of life. This is the path that you will take. It is the goal of your journey on earth. When you are young, you are driven by excitement. This is primarily due to likes, wants, social pressure.

However, when you grow old, your perspective changes. Especially, people in early 30s experience a shift in their mindset. They start looking for deeper meanings. Money is exciting. But, people now wish to find their passion or purpose. A Numerology Life Path Number can help you identify your purpose in life.

How to Calculate Numerology Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number is calculated by adding all the numbers in your date of birth. For example, suppose a person is born on 7, August, 1977. Hence, 7 (Day) + 8 (Month 8) + 1+9+9+7 (Year) = 39. Next, reduce this number to a single digit. Therefore, 3 + 9 = 12. Finally, reduce it further i.e. 1+2 = 3. So, 3 is your Life Path Number.

Life Path Numbers 1-3 Most Compatible with Different Zodiac Signs

Life Path Number 1. You will always work towards individualization. You are business minded. Plus, progress is important to you. You will always have faith in your leadership. Your communication skills will impress people. Planet Sun (rules Leo) directly corresponds to Life Path Number 1 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Aries & Mercury. Aries is ruled by Mars. This is the planet of fiery aggression and leadership. Mercury is the planet of wit. It also relates to progress. Mercury ruled are super calculative.

Life Path Number 2. Emotions will rule you. You are sensitive. Plus, you are diplomatic, a good mediator and prefer balance in life. Travel will bring you peace. Alternatively, you will make a suitable career in analytics and investigative roles. Planet Moon (ruled Cancer) directly corresponds to Life Path Number 2 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. However, unlike Aries, Scorpio is sensitive to emotions. It is also a dependent sign; just like Moon ruled Cancer. Finally, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Again, unlike Sagittarius, Pisces is dreamy. It also shares intuitive abilities with Scorpio.

Life Path Number 3. You will always be creative. Also, you love your freedom. Plus, your wisdom will bring unique ideas. It will improve your and other’s lives. Communication is your strong trait. Indeed, you are child-like. You may become a lecturer or a creative industry professional. Planet Jupiter (rules Sagittarius and Pisces) directly corresponds to Life Path Number 3 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Virgo. It is ruled by Mercury. It loves freedom and communication. Wisdom and growth is very important to Mercury ruled people. Next, the only sign marginally compatible to Number 3 Life Path Number is Mars ruled Aries. However, ego clashes result in long-run.

Life Path Numbers 4-6 Most Compatible with Different Zodiac Signs

Life Path Number 4. You will always take additional responsibilities. This will burden you. However, practical results from your efforts will keep you moving. This will give you strong will-power. Without a doubt, industries where you help people are most suitable. That is, work only where you will make a difference. Planet Rahu (Chaldean Numerology) directly corresponds to Life Path Number 4 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Capricorn; ruled by Saturn (which also rules Aquarius). Capricorns shows signs of traditionalism. They work hard. Plus, they believe in stability. Plus, they are disciplined and responsible.

Life Path Number 5. You are all about movement. You communicate well. Plus, travel, good dressing are important to you. Moreover, you are conscious of your appearance. Finally, you are changeable. Career in travel, luxury industries suit you. Planet Mercury directly corresponds to Life Path Number 5 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Aries & Leo. Arians are ambitious. They have good persuasive powers. They possess things that can make they life easy. Idea is always on progression. Leo is a natural leader. It is forward-looking. It is authoritative. Also, it believes in mutually-beneficial relationships.

Life Path Number 6. Service is your mantra. You mean good to everyone. And, will take additional responsibilities. You will always give. Even so, if it makes you feel good. Family’s welfare is deep rooted in you. You are fond of travel and beauty. Planet Venus directly corresponds to Life Path Number 6 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Gemini and Libra. Gemini are not all about evaluating dual results of their actions. They are also grounded. Stability is key to them. Plus, they are protective about their loved ones. Geminis are also thoughtful. Finally they are highly responsible. Libras love harmony. Also, they are balanced & family-oriented.

Life Path Numbers 7-9 Most Compatible with Different Zodiac Signs

Life Path Number 7. You will always seek meaning in things. Plus, you will be guided by your intuition. You are hard working. Moreover, you are conventional. You have an analytical mind. Responsibility is natural to you. Finally, you may always question your own judgement. Shadow planet Ketu corresponds to Life Path Number 7 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Both zodiac signs are intelligent, materialistic and wisdom seekers. They are responsible & hard working. Finally, both the signs have distinctive sense to gauge things.

Life Path Number 8. You will always seek power. This is a path number of materialism. However, you wish to learn by experience. Hard work will come natural. You will be authoritative. Plus, hard-headed. It will be difficult to work under someone. Therefore, you are best suited to individual careers. Planet Saturn directly corresponds to Life Path Number 8 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs. Virgo ruled by Mercury. Virgos follow an order. They don’t shy from working hard. They share materialistic ambitions of Number 8. Next to this, Capricorns are best compatible with Number 8 people.

Life Path Number 9. You will work with people. You are empowering. In the process, you will achieve your ambitions. Also, you are like the wind. You are never stable. Plus, you are highly adaptable. Finally, you will ace in any industry. Planet Mars directly corresponds to Life Path Number 9 people.

Most Compatible Zodiac Sings. Virgo and Leo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Progression and flexibility are common factors here. Leo is ruled by Sun. Leadership and growth are the common factors. Both the zodiacs perfectly compliment Life Path Number 9 people. Concluding, Sagittarius is the next best supporting zodiac.

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