weight gain and life path number

Weight Gain and Life Path Number – This is The Correlation

Weight Gain and Life Path Number go hand in hand. Know why you gain weight & how you can manage it.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist)

I have personally struggled with weight gain in the past. Apart from health worries, that period was exceptionally emotional. When I looked at the relationship between weight gain and life path numbers, things made sense and helped me tone by body and work on my routine.

What is a Life Path Number?

A Life Path Number is derieved from your entire date of birth. This is your birth force number. That is, it tells us what will come naturally to you. Hence, it could be leadership abilities.

Else, it could be creativity. Therefore, a Life Path Number is a narrowed down and precise version of you. It tells you about your best abilities and also limitations.

A Life Path Number can help you navigate through different phases of your life easily. A Life Path Number gives you certain traits that are related to eating habits and weight gain.

How to Calculate a Life Path Number?

Suppose your birth date is 23 of May 2009. Let’s calculate your Life Path Number:

1. Day of Birth (2+3) = 5

2. Month of Birth (May is Month No. 5) = 5

3. Year of Birth (2+0+0+9) = 11. Further reduce this: 1+1 = 2

4. Add 1,2 and 3. I.e. 5+5+2 = 12. Further reduce this: 1+2 = 3. This is your Life Path Number.

Weight Gain and Life Path Number

Many of us are struggling with excessive weight gain. On the other hand, some of us have tendencies to lose or gain quickly. Your Life Path Number has a strong correlation to what you eat & eventually your body weight.

Life Path Number 1

You are a natural leader and ambitious. Moreover, you are constantly on the run. You fail to keep a healthy work-life balance. Plus, your mind is working 24/7. This can make you prone to unhealthy routine and eating habits. These not only include junk but also street food. It is best to form a structure when it comes to your meals. Stick to greens, juices and millets. Finally, you must meditate daily and practice yoga.

Life Path Number 2

You are a people’s person. Sensitive, emotional and moody, your mind needs stability. You are also dreamy yet an overthinker. However, emotions get the worst out of you. In stress, you will incline towards comfort foods and een intoxications. Plus, apart from your gut, your lower body health is generally affected. It is best to share your feelings with people in your inner circle. Also, try and stay busy with work or a hobby.

Life Path Number 3

You are a free bird. Creativity and communication are your best traits. You will bring unique ideas to this world. However, in the process, you scatter too much of your energy. Friends of friends, you are the best mediator. On the downside, people might find you clingy. If you do not get an outlet to express what’s in your mind, you can switch to excessive eating as an emotional response. It is key that you practice a workout routine. Also, socialize more.

Life Path Number 4

You are highly responsible and will always work towards stability. In fact, you will work all your life. Your mind is a hot machine that needs a break. However, you are a strong-headed individual with less regard for flexibility. This is clearly visible in your eating habits. That is, you want what you want. Health will worry you. However, you won’t budge on your preferred meals. I advise you take de-stress classes and detoxify yourself once every week.

Life Path Number 5

You are a foreever young, ambitious and an adventurous individual. Money, socializing and leisure are always on your mind. You will aim at controlling all the aspects of your life – personal and professional. When disappointed, your mind will immediately turn to comfort foods and sugars. Mentally, you will get exhausted. Physically, your body will immediately react. I advise you to establish a cut-off time to just unwind, daily. Plus, skip unhealthy fats from your diet.

Life Path Number 6

You are a highly responsible person. At times, you will take up more responsibility that you should. Relationships are important to you. However, being strong-headed and opinionated pushes a lot of people away. Moreover, you are also poor at handling emotions. You will not realize when intoxicaton becomes a habit. Moreover, you will handsomely accept taste over healthy foods. Regular gym, yoga & meditation are key. Be more conscious.

Life Path Number 7

You will have a natural inclination towards Spirituality. The ways of life are easy for you to understand. However, you are also judgemental, grumpy & hard-headed. You also keep grudges. Emotionally, you will find yourself trapped, most of the times without an outlet to share. Alcohol & junk food will seem as easy options to shut yourself. I strongly advise you to begin the day with meditation and nature walks. Socialize as much as possible.

Life Path Number 8

You are a highly ambitious individual. Your plans from life will be grand. Moreover, you will work very hard towards your goals. This put you on a nonstop mode. Hence, you tend to exert yourself. As a result, you will overlook what you eat. Unless, it puts your mind at ease. Overtime, you will experience belly gain. Stress & lower back issues will be trouble you. I advise you to spare your weekends for dance, cardio & leisure. Stick to less oily, less fatty and less salty meals. Finally, alcohol should be out of your system.

Life Path Number 9

You are a natural empath. The best mediator, forward-looking individual. Aggressive and impuslive, you still don’t forget about the people in your inner circle. Difficult to understand, yet somehow, you ace what you do. In simple words, you are complex and chaotic. This tendency makes you overlook your health. You are fond of food, luxuries. However, you never bother about your health. I advise you to stay away from non-vegetarian meals, alcohol & bad cholesterol. Else, blood pressure & lever ailments will become natural. Morning walks, greens & more protein (-less carbs) are the way to go.

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