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July 1 Astrology for all Zodiac Signs

July 1, 2022. #Astrology for all Zodiac Signs. See the result of planetary movements on personal and professional lives.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer . Numerologist . Holistic Healer)

July 1 Astrology for #Aries

Today will be better. Some ends will loosen up. You will see new opportunities. This is a good day for investments. Returns will be fruitful. Those in acting, hospitality, fashion industries must act aggressive. At home, atmosphere will improve. However, there will be still disappointments. Particularly, in love life. Your lower body health will require attention. Stay hydrated.

July 1 Astrology for #Taurus

Today, travel, insurance, commission based people will do well. Speculative traders will also get decent returns. Having said that, stick to ethical means. Do not take overtly risky adventures. Avoid impulse at all the time. If work isn’t on your mind, leisure will also be beneficial. However, keep this domestic. Health will stay ok, for most part. Some aches can result. However, temporary.

July 1 Astrology for #Gemini

A sense of achievement will be prominent. However, some disappointments will hold you back. Try to adopt a flexible approach. Use your people skills to make your way. Relationships get better today. Sex life may get slightly off. However, your partner will be your biggest supporter. A family member’s ill health can worry you. Your personal health will be ok. Sinuses / viruses can impact you. Be careful.

July 1 Astrology for #Cancer

Personally, this is a good day. You will be full of vibrant energy. Your positivity will be attractive. Professionally, planetary positions will create unwanted troubles. At first, avoid investments in big assets i.e. properties. Second, be watchful of your commitments. Only commit to what you can fulfil. Third, be diplomatic at work to benefit. Finally, stick to simple diets today for a healthy gut.

July 1 Astrology for #Leo

This will be an average day. Some hard work will be required. Avoid financial transactions with siblings. Also, take a rational approach towards partnerships. Those dealing in foreign trade must be vigilant. In the personal domain, things go normal. Avoid being emotional. In terms of health, evenings can bring in low energies. Avoid intoxications.

July 1 Astrology for #Virgo

The day will bring in expenses. Think carefully before you spend. Your and family health is on the radar. Be careful. Also, today, be mindful of your speech. You can get into trouble. Additionally, avoid all legal matters. The day is suitable to lay low. Moreover, you can use it to pen your plans. Furthermore, any religious or spiritual journey will be highly advantageous.

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July 1 Astrology for #Libra

This is a watchful day. Some changes are about to come. These will be uncomfortable. However, embrace and move on. Import/Export tradesmen will benefit. Travel professionals will also see growth. Also, FMCG will see decent returns. Today, mind your associations with members of the opposite sex. Your personal life will be better. In health, avoid oil and use less salt in your diet.

July 1 Astrology for #Scorpio

There is a likelihood or arguments at home. Plus, a female member at home may get injured. This can cause some stress. Today, returns from investments will be decent. However, not as per your expectations. Keep all your plans realistic. Take things little slow. Evaluate your choices rationally. A good travel yoga forms. This will prove beneficial.

July 1 Astrology for #Sagittarius

Some extra effort will be required. Physical exertion can result. However, at the end, you will achieve your results. Avoid loaning money today. Plus, your intuitive ability will be strong. Listen to it. Start the day early. Personally, you need to tame your emotions. They can create a disturbance. You will be slightly disappointed with your love & sex life.

July 1 Astrology for #Capricorn

Be careful undertaking big investments. Avoid buying a vehicle or any machinery. Seek advise regarding all other matters. Those at jobs need to watch out for threats. Be diplomatic. There is a high likelihood of a monetary outflow. This will be spent on others. Family life will be good unless you confront about anything. Finally, in health, reduce salt intake.

July 1 Astrology for #Aquarius

Some roadblocks will be evident. Plus, energies will be scattered. You will need support to push on. Hence, work low key. Use the day to plan for tomorrow. With an exception, those in beauty, fashion, clothing, hospitality will manage to pull few good deals. It is important to keep your faith alive. Students will perform better. At last, in health, be careful of sinuses.

July 1 Astrology for #Pisces

First, avoid all legal matters today. Second, say no to travel. Next, make sure your plans are not delusional. Be very practical about personal and professional matters. Else, you may miss out on available opportunities. Be flexible for what comes at you. Grab all opportunities. Relationships will be ok. Your partner will expect more. Concluding, be mindful of teeth, muscles and bones today.


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