Zodiac Forecast for 9th August 2022

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By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Holistic Healer)

Zodiac Forecast for Aries

Some difficulty in taking decisions will persist. Also, things at workplace will seem a bit difficult. Uncertainty about your tenure or role is likely. There will be some disagreements as well. Having said that, do not worry. This is a temporary phase. Those in business will see exceptional results. Relationships will be good at home. However sex life will be gloomy. You need to watch your health. Viruses/Sinuses can trouble you.


Today, you will face impulsiveness. Hence, it is key to take decisions after a rational thought. Those seeking jobs will see new opportunities. Those dealing in land will need to hold their transactions. Some hidden enemies may also pose a roadblock. Hence, it is best to play safe. Relationships stay good. Headaches can trouble. Else, a decent time ahead.

Zodiac Forecast for Gemini

Today is a good day. Pending works will see a push. Government favors are likely. Legal matters will get sorted. However, hard work is necessary. But in the end, benefits will be good. You may experience some lows in personal life. Small arguments are likely. Moreover, you may experience fatigue or tiredness. Lower back pain may also results. Keep a healthy work-life balance.


Cancerians will have a good day. At work, you will take added responsibilities. You will spend most of your day in chores. You will see new opportunities. Those in luxury, beauty & hospitality will see growth. Others will also see decent returns. Share market traders will benefit from unconventional deals. Health will stay strong. Love life will take a backseat.


Health should be your priority today. Follow a balanced diet. Stay hydrated. You may experience some aches in back, stomach & throat. Those smoking should go easy. Pregnant women must be watchful. At work, things will be usual. Nothing extraordinary. Job seekers need to be flexible. Grab all opportunities. Love life will be good. However, you must be patient & communicative.

Zodiac Forecast for Virgo

You can expect a mixed day. First, students need to work harder. Second, job seekers will see new roles. Those willing to change jobs can do so today. At work, things will be good. Also, very busy. Entertainment industry people do exceptionally well. Others will also reap the benefits. Today is not a good day for legal matters. Avoid if possible. Health may show some low energy. However, nothing significant. Finally, love life will stay good.


You need to be watchful. At first, take care of your health. Next, take all decision after consultation. Moreover, avoid all sorts of conflicts. This day is to play safe. At work, things will go smooth. Avoid big decisions. Travel will be beneficial. So will be leisure. Students need to work harder. Job Seekers will be slightly disappointed.


Take all your decisions after thought. Avoid getting carried away. Be mindful of negative influences. At work, this will be a good day. Those in business will also see growth. However, expenses will also result. Today, a good travel yoga forms. Hence, business and personal travel will be beneficial. Health will see some lows. Love life will see some low moments.

Zodiac Forecast for Sagittarius

Things will move slowly today. You will face some conflicting emotions. This will affect your personal and work lives. There is a likelihood of arguments at home. Love and family life will be affected. Hence, avoid confrontations. At work, you need to put in extra efforts. Keep things conventional. Avoid risks. Also, avoid big investments. In health, avoid intoxications. Stay hydrated. Reduce salt intake.


Trade carefully. Avoid rash decisions. Most of all, listen to your partner. Family will be your biggest support. You will also receive valuable information from them. Today, avoid selling assets. Also, do not accept new contracts. Speculative traders also need to play safe. Government employees will benefit. Job Seekers must pick up new roles. Be flexible. Health will show some worrying signs. Be mindful.


You will see some movement. However, things will move slowly. If travel is on your mind, this is a good day. Moreover, work travel will benefit. Those in import/export will see new opportunities. Plus, those in fashion, luxury will see new clients. Today, be watchful of partnerships. Avoid business with siblings. Also, avoid purchase of new vehicles. In health, some stomach ailments can trouble you.


Today will be an average day. Keep control on your emotions. They can land you in trouble. Try to socialize more to benefit. A helping hand will pull you out of rubble. At work, keep things easy. Be adaptive & you will ace. Health will be fine. However, some low energy fields will develop in the evening. Relationships will be affected. This will be your doing. Hence, try to keep things fun and unpredictable. Finally, a superb day for spiritual journey.

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