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Now you can purchase a genuine Ruby directly from us. After a lot of research, genuine collaborations & structuring a affordable pricing, we can ensure that you get the best value and benefit out of your gemstone purchases from But first, know about Ruby more including it’s use, benefits and process to wear.

Ruby in Astrology

Ruby is a stone that corresponds to planet Sun or Surya in Astrology. It is used to positively influence Sun in your horoscope. This stone is also referred to as Maanik.

Surya is a planet of intelligence, power and leadership. If in a poor state or ill-placed, Sun gives lack of confidence, and self-worth. You will have a fear of the unknown. Also, you’ll be hesitant to speak freely about your thoughts. Your people and social skills will also get impacted. Emotionally and mentally, you will lack the will to stay positive. Ill placed Surya also limits your finances. Hence, wearing a Ruby works wonders for your mental health and money matters. It is one of the best stones, rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is resistant to heat, light and common chemicals. 

It is very important that Ruby must be worn after careful analysis of a qualified and experienced Astrologer. Else, it can result in negative results.

Dr. Palash Thhakur personally looks at your horoscope to ensure that only positive results come from wearing a stone.

Benefits of Ruby

  1. It is a royal stone and gets you victory over your rivals.
  2. Improves paternal relationships.
  3. Wards off bad dreams, nightmares and evil.
  4. Brings motivation and courage.
  5. Brings favor in legal matters.
  6. Brings abundance, wealth and good luck.
  7. Improves health conditions related to blood, heart and vision.
  8. Improved marital relationships.

Things to Look for When Buying a Ruby:

It is key to understand certain pointers before buying a gemstone. Else, you will end up buying an unauthentic gemstone at a higher price.

  1. Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat of the Stone
  2. Free from chemical treatments including heating, dying, resin filling
  3. Authentic certificate from a renowned private, state, national or international gemological institute such as IGI

How & When to Wear a Ruby

Weight of the Stone: Minimum 3 Ratti (1 Ratti = 0.91 carats).

Metal: Gold

Finger: Ring Finger

Day: Sunday

Paksha: Shukla Paksha / Waxing Period of the Moon

Time: Morning (According to Auspicious Hours; after consulting with a qualified and experienced Astrologer)

How to Purify a Ruby Before Wearing:

Dip the ready ring into a mixture of raw cow’s milk, honey and gangajal / fresh water for 30 minutes and keep this at the temple at your home. Light incense. Keep this dipped for 30 minutes. Following this, take out your ring and wear it.


  1. Whatsapp or Call +91 95714 50711 to inquire for the right size of stone & get the quotation including the cost of the stone & delivery fee to your destination.
  2. To proceed, make the payment for the stone either through bank transfer or paytm against an invoice
  3. Either collect in person or have it couriered to you (through insured parcel service)

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