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These Are Your Numerology Predictions for November 24-30

Wednesday, November 24-30 Numerology Predictions: Numbers that will benefit and ones that will have to settle with less. Also check out your lucky colors and numbers.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Holistic Healer)

Numerology is a wonderful energy science that can help you amplify the results from your efforts. To learn more about Numerology here.

November 24-30 Numerology Predictions for Number 1s

Start to mid-week is your best bet. This is mostly a beneficial week. However, things will slow down by weekend. Having said that, you will still progress. Security, Vigilance & Enforcement people will gain most. There is a possibility of a disagreement with your partner. Finally, you are prone to injuries. Stay alert.

Balancing Colors: Blue, Green
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6

November 24-30 Numerology Predictions for Number 2s

A decent week for number 2 people. Professionally, you’ll have new opportunities. Job seekers must utilize this week. Those in politics, fashion/clothing and government jobs will benefit. First 2 days are exceptional. Mid 3 days you need to be careful. Finally, work on your personal relationships this week. Health will give some warning signs on day 3-4.

Balancing Colors: White, Light Blue
Lucky Numbers: 6, 8

Numerology Predictions for Number 3s

Things will be in first 2 days. Next, they will pick up for 3 days. Finally, last 2 days will be slow again. Jewelry/Gold, FMCG traders will benefit. Overall, you will not be satisfied with the progress. Meditate and put your priorities together. Keep your focus on one aspect. Lung, Ear & Throat ailments are likely. Do not avoid the signs. Married life will be bumpy.

Balancing Colors: White
Lucky Numbers: 6

Numerology Predictions for Number 4s

First day & the last 3 days of the week are beneficial. Rest is a topsy-turvy ride. You will see a lot of introspection. There will be an overall dissatisfaction. Those with stable careers will scatter the energies. Health & personal relationships on day 3, 4 and 5 will require your patience. It is best to look inside & find yourself. Take a pause. Reprioritize and restart.

Balancing Colors: Yellow, Orange
Lucky Numbers: 3

Numerology Predictions for Number 5s

Day 1 and 7 are the two anchors that will bring you down. Be watchful of your speech. Relationships on these 2 days will be sensitive. Energies on day 7 will be low. On the upside, rest of the week is your playground. Travel and map your actions for the first 4 days. Day 5 onward, stabilize. Health will remain good for most part. Headaches are likely due to exertion.

Balancing Colors: Red, Navy Blue
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5

Numerology Predictions for Number 6s

You are looking at an overall favorable week. Shipping, builders, building materials, beverage traders will benefit. Lots of energy exchange will take place. Day 2, 5 and 7 are watchful. Out of these, last day requires your absolute attention. You may act impulsive. Avoid hasty decisions. Sex life on day 4 and 7 will see the lows. Emotions will be heightened throughout the week.

Balancing Colors: White, Light Pink
Lucky Numbers: 6, 9

Numerology Predictions for Number 7s

Not a favorable week for Number 7s. You need to work hard. Roadblocks are highly likely. Health will depreciate. Socialize more. Share your emotions. Avoid depressive thoughts and introspection. 60% of damage will be done by your mind. This week, defer litigations, travel. Plus, avoid speculative trades. A one-off win means a bigger potential loss. Look out for stomach/digestive ailments.

Balancing Colors: Green
Lucky Numbers: 5

Numerology Predictions for Number 8s

This is a good week if you play safe. Those in stable jobs will do fine. Teachers, consultants, RJs, Musicians, Speech Therapists do better. Those in business, times are volatile. Hence, you need to be watchful. Take money matters seriously. Always consult a trusted source before investing. Day 2 & 7 will raise some health concerns. Love life will be good, for most part.

Balancing Colors: Light Blue, Light Pink
Lucky Numbers: 4, 6

November 24-30 Numerology Predictions for Number 9s

You are looking at an average week. Day 3,4 and 5 require you to be balanced. Evaluate all alternatives before making a choice. Travel, Communications, IT (especially IT security) personnel will benefit. Others need to go an extra mile. Dating someone will go good. Married like will see some sparks. Finally, you need to be extra careful of lower body ailments followed by stress.

Balancing Colors: Red
Lucky Numbers: 5, 9

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