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5th July Numerology: These Numbers Will Have a Fab Day

5th July Numerology: Some life numbers will get the best of both worlds. Others have to work little harder for their goals.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, NLP Master Practitioner, Spiritual Healer)

5th July Numerology: Predictions for Life Path Number 1-3

Life Path Number 1

The day requires you to make swift decisions. There is no room for delay. You already possess all the wisdom to succeed. Partnerships will be favorable today. Travel will also benefit. Those in speculative trades will see growth. Land deals will give good returns. Relationships may have to take a backseat.

Life Path Number 2

You will progress by working with people. Foster teamwork. Today, you need to be focused on your goals. Keep yourself first. This is because energies will sway you into helping others at your own cost. Keep emotions away. Adapt your analytical approach to events. Love life will get stronger.

Life Path Number 3

You are at your psychic best. Trust your intuition. Dive into your purpose. New beginnings await you. Family is key for your emotional stability. Love life may precede professional life. However, there will be some disappointments. It is best to keep your expectations realistic. Today, you’ll be inclined towards intoxication. Keep a balance.

5th July Numerology: Predictions for Life Path Number 4-6

Life Path Number 4

The day will be slow. Your goals will not be clear. You need to set your priorities. Also, you must take decisions by due diligence. Do not fall for external influences. They will move you towards unethical / immoral roads. Relationships may see some dents. Watch your speech. You need to move out, socialize. You’ll discover new avenues.

Life Path Number 5

You will have a superb day. Having said that, you will act reckless. In the process, you may lose more than you win. You have a tendency to make money through people. Indulge in small, mutually beneficial partnerships. Speculations will be beneficial. Love & sex life will stay good. Although, avoid being bossy. Just flow.

Life Path Number 6

You are sorted, responsible. You will do well throughout the day. All your efforts will bring fruitful returns. These returns will be within your acceptable range. There will be some hiccups to watch out. Your personal space may be violated. Distractions can irritate you. Hence, plan your place & time accordingly. Keep a healthy diet. Personal relationships will stay average.

5th July Numerology: Predictions for Life Path Number 7-9

Life Path Number 7

Empowerment / helping others will be on your mind. Partnerships, collectivism will be the route. However, you will lose a very key day by ignoring yourself. Some expenses will result as well. Instead, energies support freedom. They support movement. You need to evolve to be happy. Also, to make money.

Life Path Number 8

You need to avoid lethargy at all costs. Energies are giving you a nudge. Step up. Be in the light. Believe in your ideas and you will achieve a new milestone. There will be hard work. Also, some temp roadblocks. But you will work around the problem. Today, keep a grip on your expenses. Instead, work on creating multiple sources of income. Love life will just get better.

Life Path Number 9

You may wish to break free. Being right, responsible or loyal isn’t a problem. Stagnation is. Do not fight your instincts. Follow them. A temporary break will be beneficial. Travel for work will also be good. Follow instead of leading in relationships. You’ll need some good advice from your partner/family.

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