Aries on 20th July: These Remedies Will Bring You Success

Aries on 20th July 2022 will experience a mix of emotions. Read on to see what you need to do for a beneficial day.

By – Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist)

Aries is the first sign in zodiacs. A fire sign, Aries are passionate, determined. They are also emotional & straight forward. Aries are ruled by Mars or Mangal. Martian energy is natural in them.

Always forward looking. Yet, they are people’s persons. It is key for Arians to balance their energies. Else, they end up scattering their energies.

20th July (According to Vedic Astrology) will see Moon, Mars & Rahu conjunction. Rahu is an airy planet. In essence, it is a magnetic field on one side of the moon. It isn’t a physical planet. But it holds great importance in Vedic Astrology.

It is a demon planetary field. It plays with your mind. The effect is felt more because it is very near to Earth.

On the positive side, it is rigorous. It is independent. Also, very ambitious. Hence, if combined with a good planet and in a good state, it gives superb results.

Traditional scriptures define Rahu as King-like. Combined with Mars, it makes an individual determined, progressive. On the downside, it makes a person very self-focused.

As a result, relationships get affected. This is not because a person does not prefer relationships. It is merely because the priorities change.

It also makes a person confused, worried. Lethargy is another common trait. Most importantly, a person loses sense of write & wrong.

As a Astrologer, I am less worried when people under Rahu influence have someone to love & care for them, someone to support & guide them. This is very important.

Now, when Moon enters such a combination of Rahu & Mars, there are both pluses & minuses. Moon is a cold planet. It is feminine in nature. Every human is made up of a combination of Masculine (Shiva) and Feminine (Shakti) elements. Here, Moon corresponds to Shakti element.

When Moon + Rahu + Mars combine, these things happen:

1. Positive: A person is more inclusive of emotions. Relationships get slightly better.

2. Positive: A person is more open to thoughts of others. Professionally, a person works better in teams.

3. Positive: Intuitive abilities increase.

4. Negative: Some indecisiveness persists. A person finds himself sailing in different boats. This slows down pace of results. Moon, despite it’s positive properties, gets slightly burnt out by the aggressive Rahu & Mars. Also, if all these are placed in a strong Zodiac sign, then positive affects get curbed.

On 20th July 2022, Moon, Mars & Rahu will be placed in Aries. Hence, for Arians, this day is very important.

5. Negative: A person becomes prone to sinuses, infections, headaches, lung ailments. He/She may experience low physical energy at variable intervals. This is prominent based on each individual’s birth or lagna chart.

Aries on 20th July: These Remedies Will Bring You Success

1. Start your day by taking a teaspoon of honey. Only then, leave home.

2. Emboss a squared piece of silver at the main entrance of your home (from the inside). Keep this forever. It will only bring benefits.

3. Either donate 4 brown coconuts or flow them away in natural stream of water. Do this early in the morning.

4. Read Hanuman Chalisa after bath.

5. Avoid meat, wine, eggs, sex today. This aggravates Rahu. Follow a satwik routine.

6. Chant this mantra 108 times after bath: ॐ श्राम श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः . Do not sit on the bed or sofa. Sit using a bedsheet or an aasan on the floor. Face East direction.

7. Avoid taking all important decisions after sunset.

Finally & most importantly, stay positive. This is your day. Own it.

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