Astrology Insider – Money, Love & Health Predictions for the Week

Astrology Insider – Your weekly prediction starting Feb 14 – Feb 20, 2024.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist) | Connect on Instagram

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Get ready for an awesome kick-off in your professional journey this week! Embrace the breezy vibes and navigate through some office drama with the mighty Mars by your side, ensuring robust financial gains. Love is in the air, thanks to the powerful influence of Venus, making your romantic life sparkle. Pack your bags because travel is on the horizon, promising exciting adventures. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your health – it deserves some TLC too!


You’ll embark on a wild ride of spiritual evolution at the crossroads of your journey! Cash flow is set to rock, and a crystal-clear vision will be your secret sauce for success. Relationships are leveling up, bringing more good vibes your way. But hold up! This week, make your health the VIP. Watch out for the flu, sinus shenanigans, bronchitis battles, and even those sneaky mood swings. Stay hydrated, and let the good vibes flow!


This week, it’s all about sticking to the classics! Hold off on those grand investments for now, as cash is doing the limbo. Brace yourself for some surprise expenses headed your way. Expect a few plot twists in your professional and personal plans, so go with the flow and keep it low-key. When it comes to health, steer clear of the booze and treat your stomach right to dodge any gut-related hurdles. Let the good times roll, but in a sensible way!


This week will be the rollercoaster ride you never wished! The Sun-Saturn duo might stir up some ego clashes and health hiccups, creating ripples in various aspects of your life. Time to zen out with some meditation and set your priorities straight. Discipline is your superhero, so wield it wisely with your words. Fortunately, your partner is gearing up to be your ultimate cheerleader through it all.



A quirky week where a touch of mental chill might slow down your professional mojo, especially when it comes to making savvy investment moves. If you’re into the speculative game, brace yourself for a brief dip on the fun-o-meter. Remember, seeking advice is the magic potion here! Relationships might take a little detour, but fear not, it’s just a temporary pitstop. Watch out for stress and overthinking in the health department – give your mind some breathing room!


Buckle up for a week where a tricky Ketu might mess with your communication vibes, so watch those words! Indecision might be your sidekick for a bit. On the bright side, your professional journey is gearing up for an awesome ride, but the love and romance department might hit a few bumps. Just let things unfold naturally, especially in the relationship and intimacy arena. Oh, and your gut, liver, and lungs are waving some caution flags – steer clear of alcohol to keep the vibes positive!


A cool week ahead, but keep an eye on that tummy, steer clear of ulcers, and don’t forget to catch your breath! Professionally, brace yourself for some wild gains, especially if you’re up for a bit of unconventional decision-making. Family life is cruising smoothly, with just a hint of room for improvement. And hey, if you’re feeling the spiritual vibes, this week is your golden ticket to kick off that soulful journey!


A dash of professional plot twists will take place this week! Thanks to a grumpy Ketu and a laid-back Sun, returns might play hard to get temporarily. But fear not, you’re like a bouncy ball – setbacks today, soaring tomorrow! Be rational in work decisions and not desperate. Relationships might throw a curveball, so keep it real and dodge any deceptive moves. Health-wise, watch out for flu and allergies – don’t let them crash your fun parade!



Gear up for a hustle-filled week because the cosmic duo Rahu-Ketu is playing a little prank on your income and returns! Luckily, your cosmic buddy Jupiter has your back, but watch out for a sizzling Mercury causing some surprise expenses. On the bright side, your relationships, spiritual journey, and travels are in for a treat. Plus, your health is catching some good vibes too – it’s the full package deal!


Venus and Mars are teaming up to supercharge your ambitions, but hold the horses because Mercury is doing a little dance of confusion, causing a delay and some extra sweat. Keep your eyes on the prize and tackle those top priorities! Despite the bumps, Saturn and Jupiter are stepping in like superheroes, bringing in prosperity and a boost in health. And guess what? Your relationships are set to sparkle and shine! It’s a celestial fiesta!


Watch out for those spur-of-the-moment moves, loose lips, and me-first vibes – they could put a dent in your hard-earned achievements. Take a chill pill with some meditation, seek wise counsel, and then dive into those crucial decisions. Yep, expenses might play tag, but don’t sweat it – the money train is on its way to balance the books. Give a little love to your gut, heart, and belly health – they’re counting on you. Relationships might hit the usual stride, but hey, it’s all part of the adventure!


Ease up on the overthinking and excessive reasoning – it’s like throwing a speed bump on your progress highway! On the work front, expect some sweet gains, but brace yourself for a rollercoaster in the relationship department. Drop the guard a bit and lend an ear to your partner – teamwork makes the dream work! Health-wise, keep an eye on the tummy, lower back, and those pesky muscle aches. It’s time for a fun, balanced approach to life!