Astrology Predictions for Dec 5 – Aries, Scorpio & More

Astrology Predictions for Monday, Dec 5, 2022 will give you an overview of your work and personal lives.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Holistic Healer, Life Coach)

Predictions for Zodiac Signs Aries – Cancer


You will experience a mix of emotions. Relationships will take a toll. Plus, routine activities will bore you. There is also a likelihood of arguments at home. This will cause a ripple effect at work. Hence, my advise is to start the day with meditation. Write down the things you wish to achieve. Strictly, stick to a schedule. Try to avoid anything that holds you back. If you are able to do this, your day will be much better.


Astrology predictions for Taurus are good day. All pending tasks will be completed. If you wish to start something new, do it today. Also, this is a good day for investments. There will be some impulsiveness. Try to sit on the alternatives before taking big decisions. You are bound to lose people today in personal life. You may appear selfish to many. Hence, always try to be mindful of your speech and actions.


This is a superb day. You will achieve all your goals. Positive Mercury will help you overcome challenges. You will also win over your enemies. You are bound to take unnecessary stress. However, do not. Try to defer big investments. Stick to shorter, mutually beneficial partnerships. Travel will also benefit you. Love life will get much needed boost. Leisure with your partner will be enjoyable.


You will have a decent work day. If you are into travel, import/export, you will ace. Try to keep your ears and eyes open. New opportunities and ideas are on your way. On the downhill, relationships will be disappointing. Do not introspect on every aspect. Try to shake things up. Be spontaneous. Your partner may appear monotonous. Hence, a few surprises can change things. On the health front, be mindful of seasonal flu.

Predictions for Zodiac Signs Leo – Scorpio


This is one of the best day for work. You may be lucky in money matters. No investment will give you bad results. Even if you get stuck in your actions, some help will pour in. You may be too involved and exhausted. However, balance will be created by evening. Members of the opposite sex will be very beneficial for you. Love and sex life take a hit. You need to go an extra mile to please your partner. Maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Astrology predictions for Virgo today are great. First, you will race away to your goals. Despite appearing lazy, you will meet your deadlines. Travel / Movement will be good for you. Do not limit yourself to your work desk. Intuitively, you will benefit today. Listen to your gut instinct. It will help you achieve your materialistic desires. In terms of your love life, try not to overthink. You are bound to get mixed feelings. Emotions can take over. Therefore, be practical.


You need to think straight today. Also, a bit smart. Be practical in your pursuits. At work, things can get a bit choppy. Expect changes in your organization or your roles. Added responsibilities will be given. Hence, embrace them. Do not look our for new opportunities now. Relationships will also be average. This will be more driven by you. Your partner’s support will be with you. Try to keep an open mind. Listen more.


You are seeking a change. However, the external advises that you are getting are not beneficial for you. This applies to both, your love and work life. At first, keep an eye on the ambition. Second, discard any immoral ways to get things done out of people. You are better than that. Third, you will need to control your expenses. You will be guided well by the higher power. Just be mindful and act. Overall, time is favorable. New horizons have opened up. Start fresh and with a positive mindset.

Predictions for Zodiac Sagittarius – Pisces


Astrology Predictions for Jupiter ruled Sagittarius will be mixed. At first, you need to control your mind. Your impulsiveness will damage both your work and personal life. Do not overanalyze things. Flow and trust the process. Second, be consistent in your efforts. Discipline is key. Next, control your expenses. Outflows are likely. Love life will disappoint you. Hence, be very practical. Focus on yourself. This is the period of hard work. You will get the results. Although, above average.


You will do well today. Astrology predictions depict a major shift. Your focus will be on growth. That is, ambition will be on your mind. Also, stability and sustainability. First, make sure you lay down your priorities. Second, begin your day early and end at sunset. Third, be little flexible in your pursuits. Partnerships will be beneficial. Also, new investments will be good. Share market professionals can invest in long-term scripts. Relationships will stay low for a day. Do not think.


Some difficulty in taking decisions will persist. Therefore, seek advise when you need. Do not hesitate. Money will flow in today. However, you will spend this on others. Do not worry. The inflow and outflow balance will be maintained. Next, try to avoid new partnerships today. Furthermore, avoid confrontations at home. Or else, with your partner. You may appear difficult to some today. Therefore, try to go with the flow. Take things easy. The day will be yours.


First, professionally, you will do good. All your investments will be fruitful. The general energy to achieve will be there. Hence, you will be mindful in work matters. Also, people will reciprocate your energies. This will further give you a boost. Having said that, you have to vigilant with two things, First, your speech. Your confidence can be perceived as arrogance. Second, in love life, pay attention to your partner. If you are able to balance work and love life, this day will be enjoyable.


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