Makar Sankranti Zodiac Predictions – 15 Jan 2020

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Read Makar Sankranti Zodiac predictions on 15th January 2020. But first, take a look at the below overview:


  • Makar Sankranti is a Hindu festival that marks Sun’s transit into Capricorn. Hence, it is dedicated to Surya Dev. In Gujarat, this is celebrated as Uttarayan. In Tamil Nadu, the day is known as Pongal festival. Punjabis celebrate the day in the form of Lohri.
  • The auspicious day marks the arrival of spring. Synonymous with thanksgiving, people express their gratitude towards the nature and each other.
  • In 2020, this transit takes place at around 2:23 AM. Therefore, the festival will be celebrated on 15th January.

Read on to see how your stars will play out this day:

Aries Zodiac Prediction

Personal – It is a good time to mend and build relationships. Hence, spending time with family will be beneficial.

A word of caution – think before you speak. Being too honest can turn the situation upside down.

Professional – Your intuition and robustness will work it’s magic. In other words, expect elevation in status and monetary gains.

Those in entertainment, law and politics will get a surprising boost. However, avoid impulsive decision-making.

taurus sign prediction

Personal – Health concerns will ring an alarm. Therefore, listen to your body and follow a satwik diet.

Love life will also see a temporary low. As a consequence, you wont be able to live up to expectations. This time shall pass.

Professional – You’ll experience a mixed bag with minor roadblocks. Hence, take a pause, rethink and adopt a different approach.

It is strongly advised to keep a watch on your expenses. Otherwise, you will witness disappointing surprises.

gemini zodiac prediction

Personal – It is advised that you choose your words carefully.

There is a possibility of friction due to your gravitating mindset.

That being the case, play along with your partner. However, be little careful with travel plans. Avoid overspending.

Professional – Partnerships will disappoint you. However, litigation matters will be in your favor.

As a consequence, stress and expenses will be worrisome. On the contrary, foreign trades will bring in good benefits. Import/Export will see decent returns.

cancer zodiac 2020

Personal – It is a good day to spice up your sex life. In addition, travel with your loved ones.

Seasonal flues will most likely affect you. Follow precautionary measures.

Professional – Those in authority and above your stature will prove beneficial. Hence, this is the time to show your diplomatic skills.

Returns for FMCG industries will be slightly disappointing. Speculative trades will also see a fall.

leo zodiac prediction

Personal – Focus on the positives of the people you love.

Sensuality and intimacy will rule the day. Therefore, make the most of this time.

It is also best, at times, to avoid thoughtful and serious conversations.

Professional – Calculative and ruthless, you will achieve your goals. Despite this, make sure you never follow unethical means.

Trade in consumables will see a spike. Export houses will see positive yields. Stock traders will have to settle with less.

virgo zodiac prediction

Personal – Some disagreements within the family will exist. As a consequence, mind will sway in all the wrong directions.

Move out of your comfort zone and change the scenery. Equally important is to fulfill your commitments.

Professional – It’s time to show your leadership qualities. Pending will see a push. Most importantly, help and support will help you sail smooth.

Travel for business will be positive. Similarly, foreign trades will be good. Metals and Logistics will get good returns.

libra zodiac prediction

Personal – You need time-off for yourself. However, put the point across in a thoughtful manner.

The day will be spent in introspection. For that reason, mingle and reconstruct your social life.

Professional – Only trade with healthy collaborations. Anything impulsive will prove adverse.

Science, medicine, metals, electronics and IT industries will see decent returns. Nonetheless, these will be realized at the end of the day.

scorpio zodiac prediction

Personal – First, some health concerns and increased expenditures will alarm you.

Next, introspecting your actions will not lead you anywhere. Your best bet is to seek advise from those in your trust circle.

Professional – There will be some gains in precious metals, education and consumables industries.

Overall, this will be an average day at work.

sagittarius zodiac prediction

Personal – Love life will take a backseat as your mind is focused on self.

Unhealthy sleep pattern, stress and some friction within family is likely.

Professional – Your actions will be impactful. Despite that, the monetary inflows will suddenly halt.

Speculative trades will see losses unless you are dealing in metals, FMCG and education sectors.

capricorn zodiac prediction

Personal – It will be a very good day for your love and family life.

Through beneficial aspects, the opposites combine to make a positive period.

It is advised to mend broken ends, strengthen ties and start fresh.

Professional – It is generally a very auspicious day for new beginnings. Having said that, make all big decisions after thorough research.

Trades in health, gold, education and entertainment industries will brings in good results.

Aquarius zodiac prediction

Personal – There will be friction in relationships or family life.

But, by end of the day, things will return to normal. Sensuality will be at peak so play safe.

Professional – Expect 70-25% results from your efforts and investments. Short-term deals will be beneficial. Make collaborations with thought.

Luxury goods, travel, hotels/leisure, science and research industries will give good returns.

pisces zodiac prediction

Personal – A mixed bag of emotions and disagreements are possible. Avoid adultery at all costs.

On the other hand, family gatherings will be highly beneficial.

Travels will bring a positive change.

Professional – A perfect see-saw will keep the day average. Thus, not a great day to make big investments.

On the contrary, personal asset for use can be purchased. For example, house or studio.

Garments, Metals and Niche industries will bring you small but acceptable returns.

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