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November 2021 Lunar Eclipse – Astrology Implications

19th November 2021 will be a day of partial Lunar Eclipse. Each eclipse has some implications for your personal Astrology. Which Zodiac will benefit? Who needs to play safe? Also, check out vital advise for Pregnant Women.

Author: Dr. Palash Thhakur
Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer

This year, the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years will take place overnight on 18-19 November 2021. The event will last for 3 Hrs., 28 Mins., 23 Secs.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

Source: (Sky & Telescope/USNO)

During a Lunar Eclipse, Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off the moon. In other worlds, on lunar eclipse, Earth casts two shadows on Moon. Umbra is called the dark or complete shadow. Penumbra is called the partial shadow. When only a part of the Moon enters Earth’s shadow, the event is called a partial lunar eclipse.

Source: (Sky & Telescope/USNO)

November 2021 Lunar Eclipse Impacts Astrology

Moon rules our mind and emotions. It plays a very important role in Vedic Astrology. When the nature of moon is impacted, this brings extreme results in our lives. It is believed that Rahu and Ketu (shadow planets) get highly active in the absence of the sunlight.

Sun or it’s reflection on moon is as important as the positive effect of moon for earthlings. Hence, during Lunar Eclipses, this positivity turns into negativity. Now, remember, negative doesn’t mean that nothing in your life will go right.

However, whatever the turn of events, predominantly, it will bring unwelcomed results. Therefore, I advise all of my clients to avoid all major decisions during Lunar Eclipse. That is, do not buy a house. Avoid unwanted travel. Litigation matters should be deferred. Plus, marriage muhurats should not be followed during eclipses.

November 2021 Lunar Eclipse and Pregnant Women

Another major impact of eclipses falls upon pregnant women. They are the most vulnerable. This is because their immune system is now protecting the fetus. Hence, pregnant women must observe caution during eclipses – solar or lunar. Time and over, it has been observed that any careless act during eclipses can harm the fetus.

Several of my clients developed complications from minor to major. This included unexpected dents on the new born baby’s arms or legs and several birthmarks. In serious cases it resulted in early birth or failed pregnancy.

Hence, it is best to be vigilant and follow these best practices:

:: Buy a holy basil plant. Keep 1 leaf of basil on your water filter / bottle, cooked food. Also cover masala jars and any other consumable item.

:: Finish your cooking before the eclipse begins.

:: During eclipse, keep your movement to bare minimum. It is best to rest on the bed or couch. Keep yourself busy. Keep all the snacks and eatables next to you.

:: Do not sleep. It is key to stay awake.

:: Do not climb, bend, jump or use any sort of equipment – scissors, hammer, knife, pen etc.

:: Avoid sudden movements

:: Do Mantra Jaap. Chanting a simple “Aum Namah Shivaya” can bring benefits.

November 2021 Lunar Eclipse: Impact on Aries – Virgo Zodiac Signs

Aries: You can expect a low start. Then, things improve gradually. You will need to put your thoughts together. Confusion can result. Also, you are looking at varied mood swings. Moreover, any hasty movements will lead to extreme results. Hence, it is best to avoid all big decisions. Keep things easy and low.

Taurus: You must be extra vigilant. First, health should be on priority. Avoid intoxications. Second, avoid impulsiveness. Those in government sectors need to be cautious. Additionally, students need to focus more on studies. Those in business must evaluate things rationally. Next, you can avoid all travel & litigation matters.

Gemini: 19th November eclipse will actually prove beneficial for you. Having said that, avoid overlooking the obvious. Travel will be beneficial. Foreign trades will also bring good results. Love life will get better as well. On the contrary, there is a possibility of a monetary outflow. If you are secure, don’t worry. However, if you are on a budget, keep things tight.

Cancer: You’ll have a day full of ups and downs. Therefore, keep your expectations realistic. Those in the western side of the world will do best in afternoons. Those to the middle east and south east must start early. That is, be productive before noon. Love life will see some emotional lows. This is all you and not your partner. Also, keep a check on your health. Mostly sinuses.

Leo: The day is beneficial. But, you will scatter your energies. You may appear selfish or self-centered. This will have personal and professional implications. That is, it can irk some people. Plus, you decisions today will leave a long-term impact. Therefore, be wise & thoughtful. You will benefit. Seek advise from a trusted source. Today, you also need to watch your health. Stomach ailments can result.

Virgo: You can expect a stable day. Work will keep you busy. You will take up additional responsibilities. Having said that, you will progress. Today is good for both, work and fun. Hence, some leisure won’t hurt. Also, love and sex life will be good. In matters of health, avoid overthinking. Keep things easy. Everything will fall in place.

November 2021 Lunar Eclipse: Impact on Libra – Pisces Zodiac Signs

Libra: Today will bring good results. It is ok to be materialistic. Indeed, planetary positions will favor you. Hence, focus on professional front. However, just be little careful with financial partnerships. Health will be good. On the downside, love life will be jittery. Try to balance out your partner’s expectations.

Scorpio: You will face difficult choices. Evaluate all alternatives. Professionally, you will do good. This applies to independent professionals. Those in groups will see some heat. Indeed, you will need a close friend or partner by your side. Moreover, you must not avoid any health warnings. Finally, keep a tap on your expenses.

Sagittarius: This is a good day. Spiritually, a superb day. Set your goals and sail. Get rid of the past. Plus, you must commit to a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, today is all about action. Hence, less theory, more work. Good things will happen. Follow your intuition.

Capricorn: Today, you can expect an inflow. This could be money or good news. Having said that, the hours of eclipse can create minor troubles. For example, if you outperform, people may question your motives. This can be confusing. Or else, disappoint. Hence, it is key to be out and about. Be transparent. In love & health matters, things look good.

Aquarius: Today’s keyword is adapt. Indeed, you are good at it. In fact, your trait to help others will be put to work. In the process, do not forget about your own self. Short-term mutually beneficial partnerships will benefit. Short travels will also make you happy.

Pisces: I strongly advise you to observe extreme caution You will have a conflicting mindset today. Plus, you will develop a rebellious tendency. This is not the day to invest money. Plus, avoid travel. Personally, avoid arguments at all costs. Pregnant women need to be extra careful. Keep calm. Rest. Let the day pass.

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