Numerology Predictions for July 10, 2021

Your Numerology Predictions for Numbers 1 to 9 are here. Read on to get a broad idea of how the cosmic energies today will impact your personal and professional lives.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Holistic Healer). Predictions based on Chaldean Numerology. Read Here: What is Numerology and It’s Benefits?

Numerology Predictions for Number 1s (Those born on 1,10,19 or 28 of any month):

It is a good day for professional development and money matters. Change is on the horizon & it will bring you benefits. However, you must try to avoid being hasty in decision-making. Travel for work will also bring good results. Relationships today will see some greys, but day-end, things will fall back in place. Overall, the energies will support you mentally and physically.

Lucky Colors Today: Burgundy & Yellow

Lucky Numbers Today: 5, 1

Numerology Predictions for Number 2s (Those born on 2,11,20 or 29 of any month):

It’s a day filled with forces that will give you a strong intellect – a combination of wisdom and analytical abilities. Professionally, it is a very favorable day. Actors, movies stars, artists must utilize this day to their benefit. Partnerships will work in your favor but just avoid restlessness and boredom. Personally, evenings will bring some mood swings. Hence, we careful when it comes to matters of love & the opposite sex.

Lucky Colors Today: Light Green

Lucky Numbers Today: 3, 2

Numerology Predictions for Number 3s (Those born on 3,12,21 or 30 of any month):

You must be very clear & specific with your plans before proceeding to implement them. Things will move a bit slow but result in progress. Step outside your territory to benefit large. However, stay true to your knowledge & ethics. Your intuitive abilities will benefit you. Physical energies will be better earlier in the morning. At last, love life will need a boost of excitement.

Lucky Colors Today: Blue, Yellow

Lucky Numbers Today: 8, 5

Numerology Predictions for Number 4s (Those born on 4,13,22 or 31 of any month):

Expect some disappointments and slowdowns today. Although, no real monetary outflow will result, it won’t flow in either. Professionally, keep things simple, low-key to sail through. Hospitality people can ride without troubles. Personally, it is advisable to spend time in leisure, socializing and/or travel. You’ll be sensitive to emotions but at the same time all about self-interest.

Lucky Colors Today: Grey, Pink

Lucky Numbers Today: 2, 7

Numerology Predictions for Number 5s (Those born on 5,14 or 23 of any month):

Today, you’ll experience an extreme urge for movement, travel and change. Hence, you’re bound to get edgy if things take time to materialize. However, it’s a superb work day for returns & recognition. Those in authority will shine. Personally, your partner must appreciate your casual, youthful & unpredictable side. He/She will also be your best advisor & partner in crime.

Lucky Colors Today: Blue

Lucky Numbers Today: 9, 1

Numerology Predictions for Number 6s (Those born on 6,15 or 24 of any month):

You’ll have the best opportunity to progress today. This is a day driven by growth, ambition & good communication. Make your presence felt. Also, look out for opportunities by keeping your senses active. Start early & watch your speech. IT, Share Market professionals will do good. Personally, things look good – if you are planning leisure and meetup activities. Lastly, health is one area you need to be careful.

Lucky Colors Today: Green

Lucky Numbers Today: 5

Numerology Predictions for Number 7s (Those born on 7,16 or 25 of any month):

A heightened intuitive day filled with extremes will mark this day. If you put your mind to something, you have the potential to make it big. Obviously, you will face opposition for your decisions. However, you will be victorious if you are determined. Personal life will see nothing out of the ordinary (especially for those born on 7s) but 16s & 25s will call it a good day.

Lucky Colors Today: Light Pink, Turquoise

Lucky Numbers Today: 4, 8

Numerology Predictions for Number 8s (Those born on 8,17 or 26 of any month):

Creativity, stepping out of your comfort zone & connecting with more people are the ways to go about maximizing this day. your energies will move up & down in pockets. Therefore, it is key that you maintain a positive approach. Your trait to eye for detail needs to be in the closet. People in media will rejoice. Personally, a better day for family, love lives.

Lucky Colors Today: Bold Blue, Red

Lucky Numbers Today: 6, 9

Number 9 (Those born on 9,18 or 27 of any month):

Today is not a very easy day to get you to your goals. First, hard work will be required. Second, you need to invest new ways of approaching things; ditching the traditions. Third, you are bound to be indecisive. Hence, a valuable advise from a trusted source won’t hurt. Keep things lite & follow a stable pace. Do not sweat it out. Love life will be jittery but by day end, things will fall in place.

Lucky Colors Today: Pearl White, Light Green

Lucky Numbers Today: 3

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