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Predictions for all Zodiac Signs – 26 December 2019 – Solar Eclipse

Aries � Control your emotions despite all sorts of negative influences that may instigate you to burst out. Share your emotions with those close to you but stay focused on moving a step ahead in life. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to spend the day, even if the energy is low. You will observe some duality of thoughts until sunset so do not push yourself into introspection mode.

Taurus � Expect interference and roadblocks at the beginning of the day along with evil politics to hinder your progress. You will give away to suppression if you do not play smart. Becoming friends with the opposition will prove beneficial today. Don�t give away too much by being impulsive and try to create a balance. Take special care of your health and stay hydrated.

Gemini – Reduced mental ability to take correct decisions, quarrels with loved ones, tense partnerships and a very complex day with mixed emotions and financial results. Hence, avoid all big decisions and investments. You have to work twofold to achieve results. Travel is an absolute no today. Spend your day in leisure and let it pass.

Cancer � Secrecy about your actions towards your goals will give you a win over your enemies. Don�t give away to flattery and free advice but use your instincts. At moments, you will feel overpowered so take a step back. Avoid direct arguments with those in authority. Avoid making any deals or agreements and travel. Health will give some warning signs. Pay attention and follow a balanced diet.

Leo � With the lowest energy of all the days in this month, expect malefic effects on all the aspects of your life today � personal and professional. Skeletons from the closet will pop out; troubled mental and physical state won�t allow you to be your usual self and, unwanted surprises will fill the day. Your best bet is to focus on your spiritual side and stay close to your loved ones.

Virgo � Emotionally, you will be a disaster today when it comes to personal relationships. Getting your way around today will spoil long-term bonds. Sex life will suffer. Give more, expect less today. Professionally, you will lose opportunities due to duality of thoughts and confusion. At moments, you will be enticed towards evil means to achieve your goals which you should avoid.

Libra � A below average day where you have to put in a lot of hard work towards your personal and professional tasks. Financially, you�ll observe an outflow, mostly unexpected. Avoid lending money/help as it won�t come back to you. Be careful with words that can portray you negatively in the society. Avoid voicing your disagreements with anyone on this day.

Scorpio � You will be at your competitive best but a zest to win/achieve/make your point will turn you into a brash and ruin things. Your investment in time and money won�t materialize. Enemies disguised as well-wishers will conspire; be vigilant. Observe the opponent�s move, calculate and, act accordingly. Early morning is the best time to make a positive impact.

Sagittarius – With the worst cocktail of planets in this month, you are strongly advised to spend the day uplifting your spiritual side, practice yoga or meditate. Professional or personal � you won�t have the right energies to act or react. Avoid � travel, driving and water bodies. Take care of your health � eat fresh fruits and salads, avoid alcohol and don�t strain your eyes. Avoid any decision that has the possibility of a monetary outflow. Take an off and spend time with your loved ones.

Capricorn � Your strong wit, sharp focus and heightened instinct can bring in large gains for you including elevation in status and a great name in the society. Don�t be picky and make the best out of each opportunity that comes your way. Avoid giving favors today and don�t fall for partnerships or deals. Time is precious, start your day early.

Aquarius � You will prefer independence but your karma will succeed by healthy and profitable partnerships and associations with the influential ranks. Be righteous in your actions and fulfill your part of the deal. Your focus on detail and clever communication skills can win deals and gain short-term but handsome returns. On a personal front, some verbal disagreements and disappointments in sex life but this will be temporary.

Pisces � A good day overall � personal and professional with no setbacks. Keep your investments moderate/balanced. Returns from property will be greater than returns from commodities/metals or vehicles. You can also expect financial support from your family. It is a great day to strengthen your bonds with friends, family and relatives. Enjoy this time.