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Predictions for Taurus 28 Nov – 4 Dec, 2022 – Be Mindful

Predictions for Taurus for the week 28 November until 4 December, 2022 are here. See the aspects that require you to be more mindful.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader)

Taurus is the second zodiac sign. It is an earthy sign. Ruled by Venus, it has feminine qualities. It makes the native strong-headed, sensual and materialistic. On the downside, the resistance to change gives Taurus-ruled troubles in relationships.

Starting today, predictions for Taurus require you to be mindful. Take this information as a guide and work on yourself to overcome negative results. However, very important, stay positive.

Let’s quickly look at how planetary movements impact you:

Predictions for Taurus: Professional Life

You will be required to work hard. Members of the opposite sex will not benefit you. You will get an illusion that you are being supported.

However, everyone is following their own agenda. Try to see through things. Do not be wooed easily. Shortcuts will bring short-term results.

Also, keep things very professional. Do not give out any sensitive information. This will be used against you to manipulate you in the coming period.

Added responsibilities will be given to you. You will mostly stay busy. Travel may be required as part of your role.

Those who are into business, very careful partnerships. Keep things very crisp and clear. Take your time to evaluate the alternatives and then take decisions.

Also, do not hesitate to seek advice. Anyone you consider as a father / father figure will be the best person to guide you.

Predictions for Taurus: Personal, Love, Relationships

This will be your most troubling aspect. You will need to work harder on all levels. That is, if you wish to keep people into your life.

The negative aspect of Mercury will not let you think right when it comes to your relationships. This applies for both plutonic and sexual relationships.

As I said above, your mind will always look out for easy ways. You will be drawn towards all sorts of people. You will not consider pros and cons. Rather, you will believe in living for the moment.

This might sound ok. However, you are bound to attract negative people. Those who will deceive you. Despite your carefree approach, you will get hurt.

If you are going through a troubling relationship, work on it. Even if requires putting in your time. A little patience and things will work out. Do not loose faith.

Retrograde mars will create more impulsiveness. Based on it’s placement, you will be drawn to sinful activities. Be very careful when you receive any advice.

You will be less sensitive to matters related to love. Think over any external advice, considering your own ideology. Do not act without sitting on the thoughts first. Do the right thing.

Anger will also be highly likely. This may be natural or situational. Not necessarily, you will burst out. This can be inbuilt as well. Either way, this affects your mind. Do not protect yourself by exhibiting harsh words. Your karma is at stake.

Predictions for Taurus: Astrology Remedies

  1. Pray to Lord Ganesha
  2. Recite Hanuman Chalisa throughout this week
  3. Chant this Mantra 108 times daily: “Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Buddh-haa-yaa Namah”
  4. Avoid using Green color; just for this week.
  5. Keep a glass of water next to your head / side table before sleeping. Throw this water in the morning.

General Mindfulness Tips:

  1. Always think about the long-term results of your actions.
  2. Stay away from people that do not offer genuine value but just work they way through flattery.
  3. Stay close to honest ones; even when you don’t like to hear things that are bitter but true.
  4. Do not focus on the past. All your actions should reflect your present. Each day is a new beginning.
  5. Use clear communication. Do not use harsh speech.


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