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Relationship Numerology – Numbers 1, 9 & 5 Will See Some Lows

Relationship Numerology shows the correlation between numbers and how it impacts our love and family lives.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer)

Numerology is a wonderful science that explains the relationships between numbers and the divine self. No matter who you believe in, this science is not based on religion. Use this as a guide rather than a belief system. To know more, click here

Relationships are important to us. Love and friendships are important aspects in the human life. We are products of our emotions. Our thoughts are emotional vs. actions which may be more conscious and practical. Poor relationships are setbacks. They can affect out emotional and mental well-being. On the other hand, positive and healthy relationships help us grow on multiple dimensions.

Relationship Numerology tries to establish a correlation between numbers. Now, there are different sorts of numbers in Numerology. For instance, Day Number which is based on your birth date. Then, you have Life Number which shows is more natural self, deeper you. Also, there is Soul Number which shows your soul’s inner desires.

When trying to establish a relationship between numbers and relationships, we must analyze a host of these key numbers. However, these are individual specific. For forecasting purposes, which are more general, we use the day numbers. This is because day numbers usually tell you about your traits. These traits in effect describe your subconscious reactions to situations, including relationships. Hence, take this article as a quick heads-up. If you are aware of what can affect you, positively try to make conscious changes. You have the power to turn things around.

Relationship Numerology – For Those Born on 1,10,19,28 of any Month. (For Week 23-29 November 2022)

Main Trouble Area: Deeper Understanding from Your Partner

Number 1s are already living in a chaotic atmosphere. Too much is happening, all at the same time. Some of 1s are on a journey. Others working hard to achieve more. Matters to family are keeping you busy.

You will find that your mind is always on the run. Despite a strong will power, you will ache for a break. In terms of love life, the energies are scattered. You will feel the need to get more out of your relationship. Things may be as usual. However, your cravings are higher.

It may seem that you partner isn’t understanding your desires. You’ll find quick ways to run away. Leisure will also be on your mind. Moreover, there will be times when you hold yourself back from speaking out. You will prefer not to be open. Ruled by Sun, you are outspoken.

However, this week, you will shy away. Finally, you may be inclined towards immoral pleasures. Your partner will sense the distance. Be careful in the waters you swim.

As a solution, try to be open about your feelings. If you desire more, speak it out. If you prefer a change, take a break. However, do not take a path which has no return.

A lot is at stake. You need rescuing. If someone loves you dearly, then hold on to them. Find better ways to make your relationship fun.

Relationship Numerology – For Those Born on 5,14,23 of any Month. (For Week 23-29 November 2022)

Main Trouble Area: Need a Break from the Ordinary

The last week of November will be a mixed bag. You are a natural explorer. Plus, you prefer freedom. Hence, you tend to easily run away from complex situations.

In your love life, you may appear selfish. Also, unpredictable. You thoughts are all over the place. There is a urge to break out and explore new relationships. The disappointments from current relationship can be new. Also, prolonged. If the latter, then things can go downhill.

Despite being more communicative, you will hold back from confrontations. Instead, you may prefer secrecy of your actions. This will create further doubts in your partner’s mind. Having said that, secrecy won’t last longer. Your partner will figure out your mind. That’s because as a Number 5, you are bad at hiding things.

The energies this week are more gathered. That is, they are non-movable. This is against your trait to always be on the run. Hence, you will get irritated if a routine is followed. Or else, in relationships, if nothing new or exciting happens, then this can turn you off.

Sex is important to you. However, this week, your actions may put off your partner. Even if you decide to have sex, it won’t hold any spiritual connection. It will be more like a need.

If you want things to stay healthy and fun, share your desires for newness. Tell your partner that you wish to break the ordinary pattern. It could be as wild as trying out new things in the bed. Or else, it could be taking a trip to a fun place. Whatever is needed to create the spark, go for it.

However, if you wish to rather explore new people, still be open about it. Your mental peace is key. Your growth is important. As a individual, you have the right to treat yourself and your mind better.

Relationship Numerology – For Those Born on 9,18,27 of any Month. (For Week 23-29 November 2022)

Main Trouble Area: Deeper Sexual Desire

You love deeply. However, you can also be super possessive. Also, jealous. As a 9, you demand loyalty. However, if love or sex or inclination isn’t reciprocated, you still still move on.

This week some challenges will present. There will be more like a test. You are sure to seek what’s missing. This will be less emotional, more physical. Again, as a 9, you are good at getting what you want.

If your relationship is new, you might keep this at the backseat. You will be attracted to new people. There is a strong chance of meeting someone new. Attraction and looks are important to you. Sex is also very important.

If, however, you are in a long-term relationship, then you will choose to find ways to fulfil your desires. You are a go-getter so things won’t get frustrating. You will also tend to keep your morals aside.

Some external influences will also change your mindset. Advices your get or something that you read online, will not be good for your current relationship. You are good at keeping things secret. Hence, your partner will be shadowed in your pursuits.

If you wish to save your relationship and indulge in good karma, then make travel plans with your partner. Revisit the places where you first met. Keep your travel more sexual rather than emotional.

Try to explore more of each other. Do not hesitate to speak your mind. If you both give in, this can change things for the long-run.


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