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Thanksgiving Zodiac Forecast – Aries, Sagittarius & More

Thanksgiving Zodiac Forecast for 24th of November, 2022 is here. Read on to know how things will play out.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer)

Thanksgiving will be celebrated on 24th of November, 2022. This is a day to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. People also show gratitude to others for their contribution and presence in their lives. Thanksgiving is more popular in the US & Canada. However, it is now celebrated by millions around the world.

Thanksgiving Zodiac Forecast for signs Aries to Virgo


Ruled by Mars, this is a day that will lead to a bit of hard work and lot of movement. Try not to physically exert yourself. The mornings will be busy and by evening, you will feel a sense of achievement. Do not overthink. Just go with the flow. The day will push you to burn some bridges and rekindle others. Be the bigger and better version of yourself. Celebrate and enjoy. Family’s support will be key. Do not hesitate to share your feelings and thoughts.

Lucky Color for Aries on Thanksgiving: Red


Thanksgiving will bring you much needed break. The focused you will take a chill pill today. You will feel big-hearted and may host a party or fill up the treats. It is key to let yourself loose. Your wit and spontaneous attitude will be well-liked. If you are planning a family trip to a nearby town, this experience will be memorable. A word of advise though. Make sure your tummy doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Keep the booze and meals moderate.

Lucky Color for Taurus on Thanksgiving: Shades of Green


Some confusion will persist in taking decisions. Plus, you’ll seek a change from the ordinary. In terms of relationships, a lot of evaluation will take place. You’ll feel the need to be heard. This is not a bad thing though. All you want is to flush out the past. You’ll need some emotional detox. It is best to meet a friend and share your heart. Once you do, rest of the day will turn fun and festive. You’ll also create a magnetic atmosphere at dinner.

Lucky Color for Gemini on Thanksgiving: Blue


The day will be superb. However, you will tend to intensify everything with unwanted reasoning. Hence, just live up to the moment. Make things fun for and around you. This is a day to draw a line, keep your past away. Walk on new roads. Family and relationships will be key. You’ll prefer staying in a cozy, close-knit group. Show some self-love, put on your best attire and plan some fun activities for the family.

Lucky Color for Cancer on Thanksgiving: White


A solid day will keep you busy. A lot of planning, socializing will take place. Your focus will be on taking a break. Mind will focus on evening get togethers. You will take the lead in leisure activities. While some of you will be traveling, others will make up for it by going big on treats. Your impulse will be on the higher side. Keep a watch on your expenses. Do not go overboard. Today, you also work as the best mediator and friend to bring people together.

Lucky Color for Leo on Thanksgiving: Red/Maroon


The day will be a change from the ordinary. Some of your will be super occupied with matters related to work. Some deadlines will keep your working, even from home. On the other hand, some of you will actually pull up the sleeves to plan for the thanksgiving evening. The best part is that your ability to quick-think on getting things done will turn a busy day into a fun-filled evening. Finally, today your partner may be high on expectations. Be mindful.

Lucky Color for Virgo on Thanksgiving: Pastels

Thanksgiving Zodiac Forecast for signs Libra to Pisces


You will need to step outside your comfort zone. You’ll prefer to be alone or with 1-2 close friends. A quieter evening with a takeaway dinner ending with a hot chocolate or coffee will be the idea. However, this is not the day to get cozy. This day requires you to pump up your energies. Do something fun, out of the box. The more the merrier. Since you are the best organizer, you’ll pull off a big dinner with ease. Delegate to achieve. Make it fun.

Lucky Color for Libra on Thanksgiving: White


The day is best spent by letting others do the work. You will be in a dual state of mind. Thinking you can control everything will make you scatter your energies. Go smart on your daily chores. Call in a few friends for help. A casual lunch followed by some shopping will calm your nerves. Evenings should be fun, not traditional. You need something spontaneous and unpredictable. Relationships take a backseat. Those single hold a strong chance to meet new people.

Lucky Color for Scorpio on Thanksgiving: Dark Pink


This is a fantastic day. The zodiac is well-placed and will bring in good luck and vibes. The mornings will be slightly lazy. think of it as a heating up phase. Stay upbeat. Those in business will be see new opportunities, avenues. Hence, the focus will split between work and pleasure. The day will be good for family bonding and love life. Those who’ve been under the weather make progress. Evenings will be fun.

Lucky Color for Sagittarius on Thanksgiving: Yellow/Orange


Ruled by Saturn, you are at the best spot. The day is not only good for money matters, but also for personal life. Expect a busy day. Also, an expensive one. Since you will be doing most of the spending. This will be mostly on family and friends. Do not worry though. Monetary stream will come in as well. Hence, you’ll strike a balance. You may appear bossy and controlling which can push off some people. Try to be flexible, approachable. Most importantly, have fun.

Lucky Color for Capricorn on Thanksgiving: Navy Blue/Black


If it is thanksgiving, you are not the best person to decide on invitations. You are comfortable with a most but tend to filter out some. You are sensitive to certain traits. Therefore, you prefer like-minded people to gather together. However, this day requires you to be more inviting. Socializing will not be a problem. In fact, you are the best person to come up with ideas for games and activities. Just flow, be creative, fun and start your day early.

Lucky Color for Aquarius on Thanksgiving: Light Shades of Blue


Ruled by the mighty Jupiter, you will have a fun-filled day. In work terms, you will ace up. New windows of opportunities will await. In personal life, you will be surprisingly sparky, active, attractive to your mate. Those single must mingle today. Chances are high to meet new people. Your thanksgiving will be good. Provided, you take the lead. It is time to show your party planning skills. The evenings should be non-traditional.

Lucky Color for Pisces on Thanksgiving: Light Shades of Green


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