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Weekly Prediction for Each Zodiac Sign for 24 – 30 January 2021

Weekly predictions for each zodiac sign for the week starting 24-30 January will give you a broad idea of how things will work along with some tips to make the most of your week.

Author Dr. Palash Thhakur (Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Spiritual Healer, Tarot Reader, NLP Master Practitioner). Predictions based on Tropical Zodiac. Connect: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Aries (March 21 – April 19)


You are full of positivity and expression. You wish to improve your life and want better things out of this year as last year was not in favorable for you, mostly. This week expect things to work out in your favor. You are thoughtful but bold. You wish to speed things up. However, there will be unexpected hurdles and slowdowns. Do not stop or change your course. These problems will be temporary. Strive hard and you will achieve. You may appear rash and impulsive at occasions so watch out and play carefully. Diplomacy is key this week and you sure know how to pull it off. This is a good week for startups and new beginnings. This is also a good week for spiritual growth. Progress towards your spiritual journey with absolute faith on the higher power. In terms of relationships, things will seem dull and boring. The mental connect will lack this week. Hence, it is key to spice things up.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


Conflicting mindset and slow growth will trouble you this week. Moreover, expenses will result. These will be mostly due to poor decisions on your part. Travel is also likely but won’t be fruitful. However, all this will be temporary at the beginning of the week. Make sure maintain a good moral conduct. Things will work out by mid week and end will be good. Relationships will flourish and get better compared to last week. If you are planning to pop the big question, this is a good week. In terms of work, don’t expect anything exceptional. However, you will be victorious in your avenues by end of the week. Investments in gold and metals will be beneficial. Those seeking employment will benefit. Finally, mid-to-end week overall physical energy will be slow so pay attention to your health and related expenses.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


This week you need to be extremely careful of your health and speech. Else, you will find yourself in big trouble. Your energies are exceptionally low this week. Hence, you may not act at your usual best. Your calculative and tactful self will suffer the most. Problems ranging from digestive tract to urinary tract may occur along with lower back and knee issues. Also, avoid all major investment or business decisions this week. Speculative traders must be extra careful. Reap benefits from shorter investments. Moreover, avoid travels. In terms of relationships and family life, people may find hard to understand your intensions. Hence, listen more, seek advise and avoid serious confrontations. On the contrary, your sex life has a change of being wonderful. This may be a time to reignite the spark. However, if you are planning on starting a family / conception, it is advisable to wait. Ideal period will be after 15th Feb 2021.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


Cancerians can expect a good beginning and mid week. There is a good window of opportunity to make money. Investments in luxuries, shares and FMCG will be beneficial. Foodstuff industry will also see growth. Those in arts, entertainment and acting will get appreciation and fame. There is a big possibility of gaining new projects. Those of Cancer zodiac involved in hospitality and events will see promising prospects. Fashion industry professionals are also set to bounce back. Once again, it is key that you grab all the opportunities before weekend as stars will turn unfavorable. In terms of relationships, the first 2 days will be good with the remainder being disappointing. There will be no major conflict but if you are able to balance the suppression with humor & ego-less attitude, you will sail through like a Rockstar. Spiritually,

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Leo (July 23 – August 22)


Leos need to play safe this week. You are being extra careful with your relationships. You are thoughtful, not impulsive. However, avoid being too calculative in your pursuits. This may trigger an adverse reaction from people. Health is something to watch this week. Stomach ailments are likely. Avoid being careless in your lifestyle. Give rest to your eyes. Follow a balanced diet. This is overall a great year for you to enhance your spiritual / religious sides so invest a portion of your day in this direction. In terms of work, things will work out in your favor. In fact, there is a strong change of elevation in status. If you are seeking employment, this is a good week to expect a positive response. If you are planning on starting up something, this week is good as well. Travel is highly likely in the coming week and even the week beyond this. Rest assured, this will be fruitful.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


You are burning too much of energy this week. Hard work is good but you are scattering your energies. health will raise some alarms so be careful and maintain a balance. You are dedicated, reliable and family’s welfare is on your mind. However, your perspective is very difficult to understand. There is a possibility of mind dwelling to into the past. It is advisable to avoid this. In terms of relationships, things will be on the lower front. It is best to avoid things rather than confront. Let go and move on. Focus on your own good and growth. Professionally, this week is a mixed bag. If you aren’t deviating from what’s already working, you will do just fine. Those planning to start something will experience some roadblocks. Things won’t come to a halt but will slow down. Hence, patience is key. This week also make sure you stay loyal – to your partner, friends and associates.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Libra (September 23 – October 22)


You will miss the attention that you receive this week. Instead, there is a chance of receiving the blame for a deed you weren’t part of or were involved with directly. Health and energies will be in the grey. This can make you uncomfortable. Hence, it is key that you focus on your well-being – mental and physical. In terms of work, things will be slow and will not be up to your expectations. Even if money is comes in, outflow will be equally unwelcoming. You won’t be thoughtful while spending and realize this when the damage will be done. Unfortunately, undo won’t be possible. Those in real estate, land, entertainment industry will be disappointed most. Hence, focus on savings. Relationships – particularly sex life will be of concern. Things will improve next week.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


Expect nothing out of the ordinary this week as planetary positions are mostly in your favor. Things will sail along smooth. Apart from the financial worries – mostly due to health, things will work out good. Relationships will mostly be good with spurs and disappointments throughout the week. However, this won’t be of any concern to you. Professionally things will be good. A change of perspective will be required. Match the pace with changing times and scenarios. If you are into business – import/export will be beneficial. In fact, foreign deals will make you more money than domestic opportunities. Foodstuff dealers, speculative traders, real estate professionals and gold smiths will benefit most. Diamonds will pick up as well. Those in politics needs to be careful. Education industry professionals will experience lows.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


Sagittarians can expect a couple of early week days to be slow. Deals will come in but wont materialize. Hence, do not be picky or adamant. Instead, be flexible and make the most of what’s coming in. This is true even for people who are seeking job opportunities. Mid-week things will pick up and by weekend you will be in full form. Expect good deals and returns from your efforts. Telecommunication, travel, FMCG traders will benefit most. In terms of health, avoid all addictions this week and focus on preserving your energies. Stay hydrated. You are better than last year and this is the time to act. This is a good week to finish your pending tasks. This is a good week to pursue wisdom. Family will be your biggest strength / support this week. Hence, spend time with your loved ones. Observe more and act.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


You have them most conflicting mindset due to planetary positions. If played correctly, you can make this week turn in your favor. The best tip is to act completely opposite to your usual self (or may be enacting like your idle or someone you look up to?). Relationships will test the patience of your partner. Your image to your work mates and associates will seem contradictory. Relax, these are the different energies messing up with your mind. However, despite all the unwanted attention, things will be good professionally. Traders dealing in metals – iron in specific will be disappointed. Gold, diamond traders will benefit, Silver will fair low. Musicians will do good. Independent professionals – scientists, accountants, lawyers will benefit. Finally, those in building materials and real estate will also see growth.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)


This week you will feel restricting in your pursuit. Expect setbacks in professional life. You will have to work harder than usual. However, mid-week things will work out in your favor. Unwanted expenses will be itchy but don’t be disheartened. Help will pour in from one or more sources. End of the week will bring the reverse spike so take it easy and lay low. Relationships will be good but the ripple effects of other aspects might create a temporary discomfort and friction. This week, avoid partnerships. Also, avoid loaning money to anyone. Business with elder siblings will be damaging. Finally, there is a tendency for you to be overtly sensitive and imaginative. Avoid it & act rationally.

Weekly Prediction for Zodiac – Pisces (February 19 – March 20)


Your faith will be put to test this week but not for any adverse reasons. It is your energies that are negative and can put your mind in a very uneasy state. Hence, act carefully and reaffirm your faith in the higher power. On the upside, your relationships with family and loved ones including your partner will be good. If you are planning to start a family, wait until the end of February. At work, things will work out in your favor if you act practically. Overall, there will be many instances where you may introspect which will go against you. It is advisable to socialize more to make the best of this week. Luxury goods traders, textiles and investment in metals – gold, copper, silver will prove beneficial. Iron will bring bad results.

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