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Zodiac Insider for Aquarius – Natives Will Stagnate in Love

Zodiac Insider for 11th of April 2023 warrants caution for Aquarius zodiac natives.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist) | Connect on Instagram | Connect on Facebook

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Zodiac Insider for Aquarius Natives on 11th of April, 2023

Aquarius if one of the most intelligent, calm and humanitarian zodiacs. This is a zodiac sign that is ruled by Saturn or Shani. Saturn is a wise but restrictive energy. It’s the tendency of Saturn that also makes Aquarians overthink at times. Nevertheless, Aquarians in relationships will be loyalists. However, it will require more than loyalty to work things out.

Today, on the 11th of April, 2023, a range of events will affect the love life of Aquarians:

  1. Satrun will be influenced by a constellation that will make Aquarians stagnate in relationships. Hence, there will be a strong desire to evolve or shake things up. If you, as a native, do not get what you want, then you’ll give a serious thought about moving on. Moreover, there is also a strong indication that your partner will cheat on you.
  2. Presence of Venus in Aquarius – The planet of love, sensuality and sexuality, Venus, is placed in the zodiac sign. Venus will be bestowing young, energetic and restless energies when it comes to desires. This will ignite the effects already brought in by Saturn.
  3. Presence of Mars in Aquarius – Mars is in a forward moving state. When combined with the effects of retrictive Saturn and desiring Venus, it will provide a strong push towards your motives. Therefore, your impulses will be hyperactive.

As a result, today, your love life will require some work. Both, from you and your partner. Otherwise, the outlook for love and romance will get a bit dim. It is key that you must use open channels of communication. That is, speak to your partner about your expectations. Moreover, it is important that you do not overthink. Stay in a positive and solution-based mindset.

On the other end, your partner also needs to be honest in pursuits. His/her actions must reflect the intentions. Else, it will be hard to put you in a state of comfort.

Zodiac Insider for Aquarians – Mindful Tips

As a solution, I will advise you:

  1. Keep work at the backseat today. Close up early today. Spend some time alone, away from your usual surroundings. This will help you be in a calmer state of mind.
  2. Establish an understanding about expectations. At present and about the future. Start fresh.
  3. Try to find common grounds to have fun. A time away shouldn’t be all about serious talks.
  4. If communication is greyed out, include a close common. That is, someone from your inner circle, wise enough to work as a mediator. Although, this is not a great idea. However, it can be used as a resort to save your relationship.

Concluding, from an Astrological perspective, things will fall in place. If you are about to either flow with time or else, control your impulses, then in next 2 days, things will start getting better.

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