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Zodiac Insider – Make an Impact With These Predictions

Zodiac Insider for 28th February will give you an outlook on work and romance aspects. Make the most by staying on top of your zodiac predictions.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer)

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Zodiac Insider – Predictions for Zodiacs Aries to Cancer


An airy mindset will continue today. Disappointments in personal life will persist. Moreover, work will also keep you worried. Be mindful of office politics. Things can go against you. Having said that, your intuitive self will be high today. Hence, use it to your benefit. Health will also demand your attention. Low energy fields and headaches can result. At last, try to keep a healthy work life balance. Do not overthink.


Mars and Moon combine today in your zodiac. Moreover, Venus, the lord of your zodiac is in full swing. Hence, today, work with people to get things done. Your analytical abilities will also work on your favor. Relationships, however, will require you to be more mindful. Although, this does not apply for those seeking casual hangouts. Health stays strong.


The lord of your zodiac i.e. Mercury is combust. This will definitely bring some challenges. First, seek advise if you face indecisiveness. Second, be mindful of your speech. Third, eat well and be proactive in caring for your health. Those in speculative trades need to be mindful. Also, defer sale of any land or property today. Overall, plan for tomorrow. Let this day pass.


This will be a decent day. The ovevrall energies will be good. Also, a bit more aggressive. Hence, you will get a balance of analytical and emotional sides. This will help you in professional terms. Some physical exertion will take place. Travel will benefit. Love and family life will go smooth in most parts. You will also be more flexible in your approach with your partner. Finally, health will get better.

Zodiac Insider – Predictions for Zodiacs Leo to Scorpio


You will face two distinct energies today. First, impulsiveness. Second, restrictiveness. Hence, progress will be on your mind. However, your efforts will be accompanied by roadblocks. Therefore, be very mindful of your decisions. Try to defer travel. Also, ligitation matters. Just follow a regular routine, without any major decisions. Love life will see some disagreements. Finally, in health, reduce salt & high cholesterol foods.


This zodiac is also ruled by Mercury; which is combust. However, you will get positive aspects from supporting planets. Hence, you will have a much better day. Use this day to launch your projects. Also, those in foreign trades, fashion, beauty and academics will benefit. However, just avoid travel. Job Seekers will get new roles. Romance will flourish. In health, be mindful of colds and flu.


Today, your energies will be on the lower side. This has been the case for a long time. Hence, you are not able to give your best. Start the day with working on your priorities. Some unexpected surprises will come your way. Try your best to react in a calmer way. Seek opportunities within challenges. A change of perspective will help you sail through. Focus on personal life. Your partner will support you. In health, stay hydrated.


Thankfully, more positive energies are with you now. Hence, make the most of this day. Be conscious of opportunities and people. You will benefit from travel, speculative trades and purchase of property. For now, do not venture into anything big. In personal relationships, you will need to control your emotions. A selfish streak might engulf you. Avoid immoral pleasures. Finally, in health, all stays good.

Zodiac Insider – Predictions for Zodiacs Sagittarius to Pisces


Today, you will experience mixed results. Firstly, the lord of your zodiac Jupiter is well placed. Moreover, it will provide positive energies. Secondly, there are two aspects impacting your zodiac. One is restrictive. Other is Airy. Hence, be very mindful. Begin the day with meditation. Work on few but most important priorities. In health, absolutely avoid alcohol. Finally, friendships and romance will benefit you.


Today, the lord of your zodiac isn’t in favor. It will make you introspective. Moreover, you will experience few hiccups in your pursuits. Hence, take things easy. A conventional routine will benefit you. Spiritually, you will benefit as well. Relationships will require a bit of work. Leisure will benefit. However, be moderate in expenses. Finally, in health, some muscles aches can trouble.


A medley of energies will surround you. These will both limit and foster you. Hence, begin the day early. Also, finish most of your important tasks before noon. Next, try to avoid impulsive decisions. Don’t shy away from seeking advice. Furthermore, avoid travel or new asset purchases. If you are into speculative trades, be mindful. Lastly, you’ll need to work on your relationships. Don’t let work stress spill onto your love life.


You will have a superb day. If you wish to pursue a course, do it today. Also, entrepreneurs can do product or project launch. Asset purchases including gold will also bring good results. Moreover, spiritually, you will also get a leap forward. Romance is in the air for you. Hence, make the relationship sparky and fun. Spontaneous adventures will please your partner.

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