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Zodiac Insider – These Tips for Pisces will Bring Life-Changing Results

Zodiac Insider for Pisces born on 26th of March, 2023. See what’s impacting you and simple Astrology Solutions to achieve life-changing results.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist) – Connect on Instagram

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Zodiac Insider for Pisces on 26th of March, 2023

Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign. If you are born between February 19 – March 20, then you are a Piscean. There are certain qualities enherited in Pisces born. For instance, you are best known for reasoning. You are emotionally sensitive and spiritual. Moreover, you go great lengths to make people happy around you. However, you are also an overthinker.

Pisces Zodiac currently has placement of Sun (Surya), Jupiter (Guru) and Mercury (Budh). This is a solid combination for intuitiveness, success and growth. However, the state and degree of planets is also very important.

Sun is the life force in this universe. It brings you confidence and success. It boosts your mental energies and intelligence. Jupiter is the wisdom-giving planet. It also makes you love freedom and step outside your boundaries.

However, it is a slow moving planet. Also, Jupiter is key for inuitive and spiritual growth. Finally, Mercury rules your intelligence, wit and speech. It is a neutral planet. It shapes according to the planets residing with it or aspecting it.

Mercury is currently in a combust and debilitated state. This means that it affects your thought process. Despite the will and desire, you will find yourself stuck between opposing choices. Moreover, it will affect your speech and reactions. Hence, you are bound to face some slowdowns. This state of Mercury will persist until 31st of March 2023. Finally, degree-wise, Sun is strong, Jupiter is Average & Mercury is Bad.

Solutions from Vedic Astrology for Pisces on 26th of March, 2023

There are certain solutions that you can follow. These are sure to change your own energies. Without religious references, take these solutions as a way to change your own actions and reactions. The following solutions must be done consistently, without breaks:

1. Chant the following mantra 108 times until 31st of March, 2023:

ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः ॥ – Aum Braam Breem Broum Sah(a) Budh-ha-ya Namah

2. Donate green moong dal / gram to any needy person, daily. Qty is not important.

3. Feed green moong dal / gram to pigeons, daily.

4. On Wednesday, 29th of March, 2023, feed fodder + Jaggery (Gudd) to a cow. You can also follow this as a regular practice.

5. Include more greens in your diet. Mint and Sage are essential.

6. Absolutely avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian foods.

7. Meditate daily, early in the morning. Use eucalyptus or cedar oils to set a calm tone.

8. Pray to Lord Vishnu regularly. Light incense and diya. You can also meditate next to Vishnu idol.


The simple-to-follow solutions will definitely help you think better, speak better and act better. Share your feedback and let me know if this helped you. Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram

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