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Zodiac Predictions for 27th November 2022 with Remedies

Zodiac Predictions for 27th November, Sunday are here. See how your work and personal life gets impacted.

By: Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Holistic Healer)

Firstly, on 27th November, 2022, Mula Nakshtra will show it’s effect. Positives about this Nakshatra include passion, desire, hard work. Negatives include resentment, betrayal, misfortunes. Generally, this is not the day to begin anything new.

However, this is also zodiac-specific. If new beginnings are suitable for you today, it will be mentioned in the forecast below, else, avoid. Generally, pray to Ganesh Ji today and donate cat’s eye stone to anyone. This is one way to get rid of negative effects of Mula Nakshatra.

Zodiac Predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer


Relationships will be little difficult for you handle. You may feel that your perspective is hard to conceive. Your partner will be around but not on the same page. In terms of work, slight hiccups will exist. However, you’ll be able to achieve your targets. This is a good time for travel. Leisure will benefit. Health requires attention. Particularly, lower body. Also, try to avoid overthinking. Spend time with the nature, pray to Durga Maa to benefit.


Things will generally be good. The day is beneficial for professional life. You are a go getter. Benefits will come from all your pursuits. An airy mindset will persist. For this, its best that you take all key decisions before sunset. If you are planning to implement a project, business idea, do it today. Personal life will see some lows. Be mindful of your speech. Apart from your partner, this will get you a bad image. Health stays good unless you do not consume alcohol. Pray to Lord Hanuman to benefit.


If any litigation matters come, you’ll be victorious. This is also a good day for all government matters. Professional life will flourish today. Members of the opposite sex will benefit you. You’ll have a mix of emotional and analytical mindset today. Try to hold back on new partnerships. Do not lend money to people. Some stress is likely. However, go with the flow. You will overcome small challenges easily. Eat well today to avoid tummy troubles. Pray to Ganesh Ji and light a Diya to benefit.


If you’re on the lookout for new opportunities, this is the day to look harder. New horizons open up. This will be a fantastic day to open new business, start a new journey. You will find yourself more focused. Plus, the decisions you take materialize. However, make sure you don’t take any decisions after sunset. Best to start the day early. When it comes to personal life, some disappointments are sure to come. This will be you, not your partner. Just try to flow with things for 1 more week. Things will get much better and in fact, improve. Health stays good today. Donate food outside Shani temple to benefit.

Zodiac Predictions for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio


This day will bring mixed results. First, at work, things will be good. Some roadblocks are sure to come. These will be minor. Also, temporary. Hence, move ahead with your goals. You will achieve success. Second, Travel yoga forms today. If you plan to travel, then this will bring mental and financial benefits. This is a great day for buying assets, vehicles, gold etc. In terms of relationships, few troubles come in. Some differences of opinions will exist. Try to avoid the topic. Stick to being more fun. Lastly, you will need to stay active. Avoid intoxications.


The day will be favorable. Despite your airy mindset, you will end up achieving your goals. The money flows in today. However, it flows out too. Be vigilant in expenses. Moreover, partnerships will not be fruitful today. Avoid loaning out money as well. Your biggest asset today will be your intuition. Listen to your gut and use it to your advantage. Relationships speak a different story. You will enjoy a sparky time with your partner. Sex life, in particular, will be good. In health, just be vary of seasonal colds. Visit a Ganesha temple for benefits.


This is a very good day for independent professionals. The day will just go smooth. The mind will be positive. You will race away to your goals. Also, do not hesitate to seek advice if required. Support from friends and associates will be plenty. Those in science, research, medicine, academics will do best. Relationships might be a bit choppy today. Take a break if you need. A visit to any place of spiritual or religious significance will balance the energies. In health, be mindful of stomach aches. General physical weakness will be experience in the evening. Pray to Saraswati Maa to benefit. Chant her mantra.


There will be a lot of movement. You won’t have a lazy day. At work, things will be critical. Lot of responsibilities will come. New deadlines will be set. Those above your authority will benefit you. Your mindset will be active and positive. You will ace in completing your tasks. This is a good day for learning/wisdom. Travel will also be beneficial. Help, both moral and financial will be available. Make sure you spend wisely today. Relationships are on the lower end. Let the day pass. Things will fall in place. Stay hydrated to maintain proper health. Pray to Lord Vishnu today to benefit.

Zodiac Predictions for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


Things have started opening up. You will see new energy entering your life. Your perspectives will change. Moreover, you will feel more active. The slow work front will take time to improve. However, rest assured, things will start to materialize. A little hard work will go a long way. Stick to your dreams. This is a good day to socialize as well. Meeting more people will broaden your scope & luck. Relationships will disappoint. You will overtly think about your love life. Sex life will also be impacted. Try to be yourself, open up, be more fun. Health will stay strong. Pray to Lord Shiva & Maa Durga to benefit.


The day will be bring both goods and lows. However, the overall day will be progressive. You will be happy with your journey. Results will be average. The slowdown is just a temporary phase. At work, you have to be mindful of office politics. Those in business need to control their expenses. Some travel / movement will result today. Try to start the day early and finish all important tasks before 12:15 pm. Relationships will be good today. Having said that, try not to take out skeletons from the closet. Draw a line. Start fresh. Health will be good today. Offer Jal on Shivalinga today to benefit.


Stars have aligned positively for you. The day will be good for start-ups, projects. Implement your ideas without delay. Partnerships will require you to be little vigilant. Just carefully put down everything in black and white. Your mindset will be focused and forward looking. Hence, do not stop looking out for new opportunities. Use your ability to be a people’s person. Relationships will stay good. Love life will get better. Some of you will have to let go of old ties. This represents a new beginning. Something better is coming your way. Health stays strong. Visit a Bhairon temple and offer milk to benefit.


Change is around the corner. May be a little too near. Get ready to roll your sleeves. This is a new beginning. Planetary forces are aligning to make things better. You’ll be more practical and wise. There will be less introspection. Your general trait of deep thoughts will reduce. This will help you work with people in a better way. Try to have fun along your journey. Lighten up. Also, try to keep your expenses under control. You’ll be spending money on others. In terms of love life, new relationships will come your way. Keep an open mind and heart. Health stays good. Chant Om Namah Shivay 108 times to benefit.

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