Consultation Fee & Payment Instructions

Thank You for visiting. Dr. Palash Thhakur is one of the world’s most sought out occult professionals. You can connect with him on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Foreign Clients can book online on this website. Payment will be in USD using any credit or debit card. All the payments are securely processed through Paypal.

Indian Residents can pay using any UPI app or through Bank Transfer. Please see the below consultation fee and payment instructions. Click on the links for service details. All the prices are inclusive of GST/Tax:

Vedic Astrology Video Consultation (40 Minutes): INR 7100/-

Vedic Astrology In-Person Consultation (1 Hour): INR 11899/- (Contact on 9571450711 to know schedules/book)

Comprehensive Astrology and Numerology (Including 1 Hour Video Consultation): INR 16550/-

Name Numerology Video Consultation (20 Minutes) : INR 4200/-

Name Numerology Email Consultation: INR 2500/-

Comprehensive Numerology Report: INR 8500/-

Business Numerology Package (Including 20 Minutes Video Consultation): INR 11800/-

Baby Numerology and Horoscope (Including 20 minutes Video Consultation): INR 7070/-

Tarot Reading Session (20 Minutes Video Consultation): INR 4200/-

Indian Residents: Book by placing a call or message on whatsapp at +91 95714 50711. You will be guided by one of the customer service agents. Payment Instructions will also be provided along with confirmation and support.

Connect with Dr. Palash Thhakur on Instagram | Facebook

Foreign Clients can book online, Indian Residents can use UPI/Bank Transfer. All the prices are inclusive of taxes.