Comprehensive Numerology Report

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Get a comprehensive, personalized name numerology report online to know about your lucky dates, soul’s purpose, success, career and improved relationships.

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comprehensive numerology

Numerology is a 4000 year old science that accurately decodes our life and helps us live happier and peace. This personalized report will help you:

  • Know about your true self, your strengths and challenges
  • Tell you about your most important years in life/pinnacles
  • Help you realize your heart’s hidden desires
  • Give you information about your soul’s purpose and the direction in which your energies must be used for success
  • Check the sync of your Name with your key numbers and offer Name Correction recommendations
  • Provide Gemstone and Prayers that will amplify the results from your actions/Karma
  • Give you a set of key colors, numbers, dates and days that you must use to achieve maximum benefits from your efforts

The end result is a better understanding of yourself, more confident approach to life, better focus on positive energies within and outside, improved relationships, amplified results from your efforts, better health, peace and happiness in life.

How it Works?

1. Order the report by making a payment on this website.

2. Once we receive your order, you will be contacted by Dr. Palash Thhakur for your full name and date of birth. You can also state one or more particular reasons for approaching him or give him a background about your problems areas in life. All communications will be directed to your email id. You have an option of communicating with Dr. Palash Thhakur directly through Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

3. Within 48-72 hours, you will receive a personalized report on your email id. If you have any questions or queries about the report, you are more than welcome to send your questions and they will be answered within 24 hours.

* We request you to raise specific questions.

* Please follow the above timeframe to complete the consultations and follow-ups.

* Max 3 questions and 1 follow-up. Any additional questions will be chargeable.

* You must agree to the Service Terms and Conditions

6 reviews for Comprehensive Numerology Report

  1. Rajat Kumar Solanki – Bangalore

    Good report with some striking details. But let me tell you, just read with an open mind. Numerology works.

  2. Vidyut Kapoor – Pune

    Surprised but like the report that was sent – so many things from my subconscious self are reflected here. It’s a great self-help tool.

  3. Ravii Manohar Shastri

    Everyone should get this once in their life if they wish to improve their life.

  4. Mantripti Singh

    A good report that is very well organized and explained. Information is very helpful to apply in real life. Dr. Palash is very approachable and a highly enlightened human being.

  5. Dipti T

    If you don’t believe in Numerology, you will start now. After opting for this, I think my perspective about so many aspects of life will now change. The self-reflection that I got makes me feel light and new.

  6. palashthhakur

    ? Thank You

  7. Shallinie Gupta

    I’ll recommend Dr. Palash over those so-called celebrity numerologists in India who just rip you without any results and don’t even give you time for questions or follow ups. Dr. Palash is a thorough gentleman and a highly knowledgeable astrologer and numerologist. Despite his busy schedule, he always answers the questions, explains the rationale and guides. I’ve uncovered some surprisingly true things about my life and his guidance has helped me achieve great things – personal and professional.

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