Name Numerology

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Get your Name corrected for sync with your key numerology numbers for luck, success and happiness.

Name Numerology

Nothing happens by accident in this universe and everything is energy. Your name has the power to attract the best energies and in turn, you exhibit the same. This means – better motivation to work towards your goals, better inner happiness, positive outlook towards life and people, healthy relationships and an overall successful life.

How It Works?

1. Place the order for Name Numerology on this website.

2. Dr. Palash Thhakur will contact you directly via email within 24 hours and gain your key details. Please feel free to share your problems and/or queries with him.

3. In 48-72 hours, you will receive a Name Numerology report on your email with Name Variations/Change, Gemstone suggestions, Lucky dates and Numbers. If you still have queries, you can reach Dr. Palash Thhakur directly through email or Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

* We request you to raise specific questions.

* Max 3 questions and 1 follow-up. Any additional questions will be chargeable.

15 reviews for Name Numerology

  1. Samiksha Gupta – Ranchi

    Sir I found the love of my life after getting a name change. We are getting married this 4th Dec, as you predicted my marriage in last month. I am so happy and just wanted to let you know. Thank you

  2. Riturraj Bansal – Bangalore

    Have been following the suggested name variation & see things gradually falling into place. The best part is that you guided me on the logic and principles of energies. Happy to recommend you to my circle.

  3. Shubeindra Bhatt

    Name correction has made me travel more, something that I always wanted. Income has risen as well. 🙏

  4. Saanvi Bhattacharya – Bangalore

    My money problems have disappeared from a name change. Also, I feel happier and do not take much stress. I have recommended you to my circle.

  5. Bamann Wariorr – Mumbai

    Hi Dr. Thhakur,
    Since the name change 4 something months ago, I’ve just seen an upscale in business. Wanted to drop in & say thank you. Gratitude.

  6. Aftab Gheewala – Pune

    Honest human being with a gifted knowledge of numerology. Thank you Palash sir for guidance. A name change worked for me in multiple ways.

  7. Meena – Dubai, UAE

    I got a name change done last year from Dr. Thhakur and despite the pandemic, I have done more business than any other year since I started my company.

  8. Mukesh Kumawat

    Bahut achhi tarah aap e humein suna aur margdarshan diya. Koti koti pranam 🙏

  9. Baman Contractor – Mumbai

    I am realizing the good things that have happened since I took the consultation. Bless you Dr. Thhakur

  10. palashthhakur

    Way to go, Misthhi. Your electrifying energy is already putting you into spotlight. Hope to see you on the big screen soon. God Bless!

  11. Misthhi Jain

    I spent 14K on name change with a celebrity numerologist in Pune but nothing good happened for 3 years!!!! Glad I met you and realized I was duped. A simple change in my name along with religiously following your advice has brought so much of positivity and luck. Bigggggggg hug!

  12. Cinthiya

    Excellent ? service. Have recommended to my friends.

  13. Sheetal Wadhela

    4 years of struggle in my carrer brought me here. In precisely 36 days after changing my name, I got a job offer! Finally the stressful cycle came to an end. Palash is the best numerologist in this country.

  14. palashthhakur

    Reach for the stars and beyond, Mayyank. God Bless!

  15. Mayyank Sahani

    Came here through a cousin’s reference and my life has completely been transformed. Started my business with Dr. Palash’s guidance, changed my name and made some lifestyle changes. Never looking back now. Big thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  16. Bincey Mathews

    Miracle / Angel ..whatever and however these things work, I am happy that I took the chance.

  17. Aashita Mudgal

    I got my name correction and received some tips on preferred dates and energies. Surprisingly, this works!!

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