• Spiritual Healing Session

Spiritual Healing is all about analyzing out-of-balance chakras or energy centers in your body and balancing them. The seven chakras are:

Muladhara (Root)

Swadishthana (Sacral)

Manipura (Solar Plexus)

Anahata (Heart)

Vishuddha (Throat)

Anja (Third Eye)

Sahasrara (Crown)

As a result, you will even out all suppressed or overt emotions. You will regain focus, attract and exhibit positivity, improve your relationships with loved ones, improve your interaction with the outer world, and live a healthy and happy life.

The post-session activity includes lifestyle, diet and meditation training.

NOTE: Purchase this session only when you have a confirmed appointment slot. To book or confirm, please whatsapp or call +91 95714 50711.

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Spiritual Healing Session

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