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Get solutions to all your life’s problems – job, business, relationships, marriage, family, happiness etc. with Comprehensive Astrology + Numerology Consulting with Dr. Palash Thhakur

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Going through prolonged hardships? Cannot decipher the reason for roadblocks? Do you feel time is flying by but you are stagnant? Comprehensive Astrology and Numerology guidance can help! It can change your life.

It is natural to feel lost. Moreover, it is natural to feel depressed. Furthermore, constant failures can demotivate us to do anything in life. Hence, we never take a step forward. The fear to try is greater than the fear to fail.

The combined sciences of Astrology and Numerology can decode your life. Without a doubt, the sciences can pin point troubles areas in your life. Indeed, practical and spiritually uplifting solutions can provide a relief from long-lasting suffering.

Whether it is career, job, business, relationships or personal happiness, you will find answers to all your problems and live happier, successful and more peaceful.

Dr. Palash Thhakur is a qualified vedic astrologer, numerologist and spiritual healer with years of experience in guiding people towards a better life. He is also an active member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

The Comprehensive Astrology-Numerology Consulting includes:

– Horoscope Design as per Vedic Astrology

– Overview of your personal nature, traits, strength, weaknesses

– Dasha/Period Analysis & Trouble Areas – Aspects of Beneficial and Malefic Planets

– Simple & Practical solutions (Based on Vedic Astrology / Hindu) to influence the planets & improve all the aspects of your life

– Name Analysis & Correction as per Numerology

– Gemstone, Deeds & Prayer Recommendations

– Online or In-Person Consultation with Dr. Palash Thhakur to get an understanding of your horoscope, get clarity on the solutions and get answers to your questions/queries.

How It Works?

  1. Book the service using this website
  2. We’ll email you withing 24 hours seeking your details – full name, date, place and time of birth
  3. Within 48-72 hours, you will receive a report in your email with analysis
  4. We’ll then send you a consultation schedule to speak to Dr. Palash Thhakur to clear your doubts/questions.

a. We request you to raise specific questions.

b. Please follow the above timeframe to complete the consultations and follow-ups.

c. Max 5 questions and 1 follow-up. Any additional questions will be chargeable.

d. You must agree to the Service Terms and Conditions

32 reviews for Comprehensive Astrology Numerology

  1. Mahendrra Parikh – Hong Kong

    I religiously follow whatever you have given me and I see that my mind and work, money are way better than 3 weeks ago. Thank you for your time and guidance, guruji.

  2. Lakshmie D Sahu – Toronto

    The Sahu family thanks you Thhakur ji for guidance and blessings. We are doing extremely well now after meeting you. Keep us in your prayers.

  3. Suchithra Iyer – Singapore

    Thank you, Palash sir. I am following everything and have really benefitted from your suggestions. Financial and mental peace is there now.

  4. Ananyya Rastogi – Dubai

    Feel blessed to connect with you. Shekhar & I have been following your suggestions and have seen a major shift in our lives after a very shadowed 2.5 years. I am also finally expecting a child. Wasn’t possible without your guidance. Thank you.

  5. Aniket Mishra – Mumbai

    Palash Ji, you are the best astrologer I have met. Your knowledge is of the highest form. Your remedies and enlightening counseling has made me so positive and strong, my life has completely changed. You are a real guru. Thank You

  6. Raman Joshi – Mumbai

    Palash sir, thank you for a wonderful and in-depth session and report. I loved the way you explain things.

  7. Rajul Shah – New Jersey

    Being a single mother, I was struggling with jobs and money. I was in my lowest phase of life. Guruji’s guidance helped me both personally and financially . I have full faith in him.

  8. Virat Singh Barod – Chandigarh

    Contacted you with a lot of hope, especially because no astrologer could help me in the past 13 years. You helped me overcome my own mental challenges. Relationship with wife is getting good. I am also content. I am at a very happy place now in life. Thank you guru ji. 🙏🙏

  9. Sumitrra Chatterjee – Bandra, Mumbai

    My experience & thoughts on the consultation and results:: Dr. Thhakur is super educated, brilliant of a human being and a class apart in his field. He puts you to ease, has tremendous patience and everything he interprets is accurate. My first meeting in June this year was an eye opener. Since then, I have just seen the graph going up. Dr., big hug, thank you & gratitude for turning things around.

  10. Hrithvik Pondyal – Dubai

    Very good consultation experience with Palash Ji. Gives detail information, accurate predictions.

  11. Preiyanka and Aj

    A big thank you to Palash sir for providing guidance and remedies to our problems related to child birth. I highly recommend him not only because he is genuine but also very down to earth and humble. A big Thankyou 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. Rabiya – Ilford, London

    We are glad to recommend you. The session was quite enlightening and your predictions were alarmingly accurate. Please keep us in your prayers.

  13. Rohit Mishra, Noida

    Satisfied and happy to recommend further.

  14. Parikshit Kumawat – Jaipur

    Bahut bahut dhanyawad sirji. bahut gyaani hai aap aur mujhe pura vishwas hai ki aapke margdashan se main sabhi kashton se mikh ho jaaunga.

  15. Bhumika Gandhi – Abu Dhabi

    Absolutely brilliant of an astrologer with high accuracy. Honored to meet you sir and I’ll certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

  16. Shimona sharma – Dubai

    Got cheated by two numerologists and then came to you for guidance. Consulting you has been the best experience of my life. I followed your suggestions, moved abroad and very happy with my job and overall growth. I want to express my Gratitude for patiently listening to me and guiding me correctly on astrology and numerology.

  17. Saanvi Jariwala (Edison)

    Sir, you are one of the best human beings and an equally best astrologer / numerologist. Whatever you revealed just by looking at our horoscopes was accurate and scary for a moment 🙂 It took about 3-4 months but everything in life is back on track – business wise and family. There is peace in life, most importantly. Thank You very much for helping us and so many other people in our community. Everyone speaks very highly of you. Please give us the honor to host you whenever you are visiting the states.

  18. Rajiv

    I consulted you last october and happy to recommend you for accuracy, professionalism and “results”. Things have gotten better and better in life. Entire family is happy and follows your guidance.

  19. palashthhakur

    Happy to know Dhruva. God bless!

  20. Dhruva Mahesh Jha

    Thank You Palash sir for a life changing consultation. After 4.5 years of mess, life is back on track. You are not only a good astrologer but also a great life coach. Pranam to you.

  21. Purshottam Triipathi – Bihar

    Palash ji is one of the hidden gems in this world. Humble and best in his field, his inference and solutions work like a miracle. He helped my family come out of money and health problems. I can’t thank him enough. God bless you, sir.

  22. Vibhur Jyoti

    Sir you are one of the best gurus in today’s world. Blessed to receive the guidance from you. I am mentally at peace now.

  23. palashthhakur

    Thank you, Pratikshit. Nothing makes me more happy to know that you are on the right path. Good Luck!

  24. Pratikshit Soni

    Spent a lot of money on babas but when I got in touch with Palash sir, entire perspective on life changed. He helped me through the thins and showed me the right direction. His jap suggestions worked like a miracle. Thank You

  25. Anastasia Lebedev

    Lots of love from Moscow. Thank You doctor palash for consultation. I am starting to see improvements in my daughter’s life.

  26. Manju Punjabi

    Thank You sir for taking my father out of years of misery. He is doing better in business and has so much of confidence. We have booked our new home recently and thought of thanking you for the joy in our lives.

  27. palashthhakur

    You always had the will to change your life, Surinder. I am just a source. Move ahead with strength and positivity. God Bless!

  28. Surinder Singh

    Palash Ji has reaffirmed my faith, strengthened my will and has taken me out of a never ending loop. By god’s grace, I met you and will always thank you wholeheartedly for what you have done for me.

  29. palashthhakur

    Never look back again, Rohit. You have not only changed your destiny, but you have also elevated spiritually during the process. Blessings and good wishes!

  30. Rohit Sethi

    Dr. Palash has helped me when my world collapsed and I was in a sink hole. Lost my father’s money in business and was struggling with debts. To be honest, he was my last resort and I listened to his advice. He just told me to believe in his remedies and stick to them. Within the first month, I saw a slight improvement followed by further improvements in the next 2 months. I literally escaped bankruptcy. Got a few deals to get started again. The prayers brought positivity within me. I am gradually climbing the ladder again. Family support is back once again. As a matter of fact, I offered Dr. Palash gifts as a gesture but he humbly refused and just gave his blessings. There are very few people in this world like him.

  31. palashthhakur

    Khushi hai jaanke ki aapki life better hai. ishwar aapko aur samridhi dein. Pranam

  32. palashthhakur

    You are always welcome, Abhilash. Wish you all the best.

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  34. Abilash Sinha

    He is the first no-nonsense and logical astrologer/numerologist I have met in my life. He got me out of a messed up and seemingly impossible situation. Big hug and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  35. palashthhakur

    Happy to know that you are progressing, Gabriel. Keep rising. Thank You

  36. Gabriel Mandes

    I was a little apprehensive at first to approach an astrologer but Dr. Thhakur is really good in what he does and it was such a pleasure talking to him. He gets where you are coming from. Three months down the line and I’ve seen major improvements in my life. Big Thank You!

  37. palashthhakur

    Thank You, Aarti. Bless You!

  38. Aarti Mehta

    Quite satisfied with the entire approach. Speaking to Dr. Palash was enlightening and he was kind and patient in answering all my questions.

  39. palashthhakur

    Thank You Nataliie. Wish you a blessed life ahead.

  40. Nataliie

    Meeting Dr. Palash has really changed my life after struggling with my finances for over 4 years. The interpretation was quite accurate and solutions were easy to follow. Happy to recommend.

  41. palashthhakur

    Thank You, Srinivasan. Happy to know you turned into a believer, after all. God Bless.

  42. Srinivasan

    High recommend if you believe in astrology

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