Refund Policy & Terms of Service

By ordering the services on (alternatively referred as “website”, “Palash Thhakur”), you (alternatively referred as “user”) agree to following terms and conditions (alternatively referred as “Terms”):

Definition of Services – means online and in-person holistic science services including but not limited to Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and Spiritual Healing consultation and reports.

Definition of Practitioner – A qualified professional who will provide the services to the user on

1. Holistic services and consultation do not guarantee 100% success. The services should be used as a guide to improve life rather than a tool for material gain.

2. The data requested in order to provide the services is used and protected as per our privacy policy.

3. The user must keep all the relevant information handy when requested. Any delay in providing the information (such as personal details, business logo or trade name etc.) will delay the delivery of services. The user shall be liable for any information, that is incorrect, such as date, place and time of birth. If such a change is communicated after 24 hours of booking the service, the user must pay 50% of the service fee for re-checking and re-doing the service/make amendments. For video consultations appointments, a video conference link is sent 5 mins before the scheduled time. Any change or absence on the appointment must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance else 100% service fee becomes non-refundable. Any delay by a user in joining the meeting will not be compensated by additional time.

4. The user is strictly prohibited to record any audio or video communication such as meetings or consultations conducted via video conferencing apps, social apps or meeting apps. If any such instance is brought to notice, the user will be reported to the authorities for breach of privacy and will be tried as per applicable laws of and by the courts in India.

5. Refund Policy:

a) Each services lists the timeframe for consultation/services along with the number of follow-up calls and questions. All the follow-ups and consultations must be completed within the stated timeframe. In case there is no communication from the client for 72 hours, the service will be deemed complete and/or will be terminated. In such a case, no refund will be issued and no liability will be assumed. For business numerology, as an exception, the service timeframe will be extended for max 10 days. Any additional questions or follow-ups will be chargeable.

b) All the services once ordered and paid for are not refundable. The user is liable for all chargebacks in case of cancellations.

6. The questions raised must only be relevant to the service requested. It should in no way relate to specific techniques and tools used by the practitioner.