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Numerology Insider – Love & Money Predictions For This Week

Numerology Insider is here to help you with predictions for relationships and work. Make the best of your week 14-20 January, 2024

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist | Connect on Instagram) | Consult Him

Numerology Insider for Day Numbers 1 to 3

Day No. 1 (Those born on 1,10,19,28 of any month)

You are looking at a fab week ahead with windows of opportunities. Therefore, this is the time to get all agressive in your pursuits. Relationships will see a bit of ups and downs but hang tight, this will be all situational. Your energies are little bit impulsive to take all decisions after prior thought. Your lucky numbers are 1 & 5 this week.

Day No. 2 (Those born on 2,11,20,29 of any month)

Love is in the air so buckle up for a sparky romance. Travel and leisure will benefit you. Plus, commercially, you will do well but it will require efforts. If you are thinking of changing roles, this is a good period. After 15th, you may also launch your projects, business. Health will require your attention. At last, your lucky numbers and 2 & 6.

Day No. 3 (Those born on 3,12,21,30 of any month)

Gear up for a solid week ahead. The energies are super good. Better mindset, more work prospects and improved relationships. A positive streak will allow you to be wiser and successful. Hence, there is no time to waste. That is, set your priorities and get going. Take care of your liver this week. Concluding, your lucky numbers are 3 & 1.

Numerology Insider for Day Numbers 4 to 6

Day No. 4 (Those born on 4,13,22,31 of any month)

Things are ok but they may seem low. At first, relationships will confuse you. Secondly, you must tame your anger and grudges. Apart from that, work wise, things look ok. This is the time to finish up your pending tasks. Sale of assets will bring benefit. Health will still require you to be mindful. Your lucky numbers are 3 & 6 this week.

Day No. 5 (Those born on 5,14,23 of any month)

Expect a solid week. Energies aline you to think big and bold. Therefore, this is the period for small, mutually-beneficial deals. You can earn big. Some hasty tendencies will be developed. Hence, be rational in your approach. Relationships will get a bit low. Play along, be nice. Plus, take care of your gut health. Your lucky numbers are 1 & 5.

Day No. 6 (Those born on 6,15,24 of any month)

You are looking at a good week. Multiple sources of generating income will open up. However, you’ll need to get rid of procrastination and be active. Energies can make you a bit lazy. Relationships are bound to improve. However, try not to be bossy. Plus, a bit of travel will rejuvinate you. Your lucky numbers are 2 & 7 this week.

Numerology Insider for Day Numbers 7 to 9

Day No. 7 (Those born on 7,16,25 of any month)

This will be an average week for you. Firstly, you’ll need to watch your lower body health. Secondly, keep a tight watch on your expenses. Having said that, you will benefit dearly from speculative trades. Thirdly, relationships are to go downhill. This will be your doing. Hence, be mindful. Strike a balance. Your lucky numbers are 3 & 5.

Day No. 8 (Those born on 8,16,26 of any month)

No surprises, this will be a solid week for you. This is a good period to buy and sell assets. Situations and people will unmask and it will give you a lot of clarity in life. There will be moments of introspection. Hence, avoid such thoughts. Focus will bring you excellent results. Take care of teeth & back health. Your lucky numbers are 5 & 9.

Day No. 9 (Those born on 9,18,27 of any month)

You;ll have to settle with less this week. Things will flow, just not at the pace you want. Therefore, extra efforts will be require. Moreover, health will a major concern. Look for the signs. Be proactive in care. On the upside, relationships will improve. You’ll need a fresh (almost new) perspective. Your lucky numbers are 6 & 1 this week.

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