Astro-Numerology for a Better Life

Astro-Numerology is a powerful combination of Astrology and Numerology that can bring success, peace and happiness in your life.

Dr. Palash Thhakur

Celebrity Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Spiritual Healer, NLP Master Practitioner
Member of International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

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Each day, people around the world are becoming aware of the benefits of Astro-Numerology. This refers to the combined sciences of astrology and numerology.

In India, the entertainment industry is a major believer and promoter of these sciences. You would’ve seen actors / actresses and even TV / Movie titles based on Numerology.

There are people in the sports industry who are strong believers of numbers, astrology and even gemstones.

Moreover, major businessmen around the world rely on astro-numerology for auspicious dates, favorable investments and even partnerships.

In simple words, every aspect of life can be positively influenced by the two sciences.

Numerology a 4000 year old science. It helps us connect the strings of life using important numbers, planets and energies associated with them. Read more about Numerology in detail to know how it can benefit you.

Vedic Astrology

..compliments Numerology. It gives us insights about the planetary position, dashas / periods and helps us in pin pointing the roadblocks in life.

Spiritual Healing

..on the other hand helps us connect with our inner self, heals our body and improves our interactions with the outer world.

Read More about Spiritual Healing in detail.

With a combination of these three mediums, we can make our lives healthier, happier and peaceful.

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Richha Matthews, Sydney, AustraliaOkasana Miroslav, Sofia, BulgariaPurshottamm Walia, New Delhi, IndiaSudheshh Shanker, Muscat, Oman
Changed My Life!
Thank You for putting my life on a fast track after 14 years of bad luck. Your suggestions have helped me and my family a lot.
Never believed that by keeping my husband's last name after marriage would lead to a better career and a happy married life.We had bad experiences, fights and loss of money after moving into our new flat. After consulting you on Vastu remedies, we've seen drastic improvements. Big Thank You!Business is much much better after following your suggestions. I am greatly thankful to you for helping me out in troubled times.
Shriyaa Pancholii, Mumbai, IndiaKulpesh Garedia, Edison, USAMitaalii Kurukshetra, London, UKPrriianka Khemchandani, Dubai, UAE
Landed up a job within 3 months after struggling for 2 years. You are doing a good job by helping people like me who cannot find answers.Knowing and speaking to Palash has been a life-changing experience. His information about numbers is logical and hits the bulls eye.I approached you in the worst period of my life that dramatically turned around in 4 months following your advise. My hearty thanks for saving me.It felt weird changing my name and I was very skeptical at first to be honest but your prediction actually worked. My life is more balanced and peaceful.


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