Name Numerology Video Consultation

Get your name analyzed and corrected according to Numerology - a 4000 year old science that works on the principles of energies and cosmic synergies. This is a video consultation of around 40 minutes where Dr. Thhakur will do the name correction and explain how you can use Numerology in your personal and professional lives.

He will also guide you on choosing the right numbers for your mobile, home, vehicles etc. You'll get to know your lucky colors, lucky numbers, lucky dates, unsuitable numbers and dates and gemstone information. All these suggestions will also be emailed to you in a pdf file.

Fee: INR 6500 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

Business Numerology Consultation

Planning to start a business or launch a movie/project?

It starts with selecting an auspicious alphabet to form a name or getting your current trade or brand name corrected, followed by logo and business card suggestions, selection of an ideal team based on their numerology details and name numerology correction of all the people involved with the venture. During the entire process, Dr. Thhakur will be your direct contact and will guide you as a consultant until you finalize everything.

Fee: INR 11800 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

New Born Baby Numerology & Horoscope + Video Consultation

There are no compromises when it comes to our babies!

Welcome the bundle of joy at your home by ensuring an auspicious name using the combined sciences of Numerology and Vedic Astrology.

It includes providing an auspicious alphabet to form names, testing of potential names and narrowing it down to the best options, finalizing the name and developing vedic horoscope and all the solutions for a happier, healthier and financially stable life of your child.

The horoscope with solutions, numerology details will be emailed to you in a pdf. This also includes Video consultation so that all your questions as parents will be answered by Dr. Thhakur.

Fee: INR 7600 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

Comprehensive Numerology Report

Ever wish that you understood yourself more to handle situations and life instances around you better?

Nearly 82% of people realize their purpose at the age of 40. Almost everyone on this planet struggles with norms and expectations of the world, without knowing who they really are and what they really want.

Numerology is a science that uncovers all the conscious and subconcious traits of you, as an individual. In this report, you get to know about yourself as a human being. You also get to know about your best traits and limiting factors, your soul desires, your purpose and cautions along with key pinnacles and years of your life.

As a result, you will be able to embrace yourself even more and make better decisions when it comes to your passion, career and relationships. You will also get Name Correction, lucky numbers, lucky colors, auspicious dates, gemstone information and tips to make your life wholesome, peaceful and successful.

Fee: INR 11800 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

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