Vedic Astrology and Numerology Video Consultation

Struggling in Life? Then This is For You!

If you have been going through a prolonged struggle in life, then use the powerful combination of Vedic Astrology and Numerology. This video consultation for over 1 hour (with no usual time cap) with Dr. Palash Thhakur takes you through each and every aspect of your horoscope with logical explainations about planets, zodiacs, comic forces and elements.

You'll know the things that work for you and those that are holding you back. You'll also get solutions and rationale behind the solutions from Astrology.

Along with this, get your Name Correction according to Chaldean Numerology and understand the science along with key factors like lucky numbers, colors, gemstones, mantras, lifestyle changes etc. All the solutions will be emailed to you in a PDF as well.

Fee: INR 8500 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

Vedic Astrology Mannually-Written Report (Without Consultation)

Know Your Charts and Get Easy Solutions to Follow!

This is a manually-written Astrology report which includes an overview of the planets in your horoscope, their impact on different aspects of your life such as personal growth, career, finances, relationships and health.

You'll also get information about your current and next mahadasha (major periods) with tips for different periods including prospects and cautions.

Finally, a mix of solutions including mantra, daan, gemstones and lifestyle changes will be recommended so that you can follow them easily.

Fee: INR 8500 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

New Born Baby Numerology & Horoscope + Video Consultation

There are no compromises when it comes to our babies!

Welcome the bundle of joy at your home by ensuring an auspicious name using the combined sciences of Numerology and Vedic Astrology.

It includes providing an auspicious alphabet to form names, testing of potential names and narrowing it down to the best options, finalizing the name and developing vedic horoscope and all the solutions for a happier, healthier and financially stable life of your child.

The horoscope with solutions, numerology details will be emailed to you in a pdf. This also includes Video consultation so that all your questions as parents will be answered by Dr. Thhakur.

Fee: INR 7600 (inc. tax) | AV Mode: Zoom Call | For Booking or Inquiries, Whatsapp: +91 95714 50711

Connect with the Best Astrologer in the World and Get Simple and Effective Solutions for all the Aspects of your Life!