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Success and Failure – How to view them?

Success and Failure as two terms which are not sensible

How one defines success is based on a quantifiable benchmark set by some human, glorified by another and then instilled by yet another in your brain. For a student, getting a high GPA is success whereas a businessman may quantify success by the amount of money in his bank. An athlete’s aim for success may be beating a world record.

In this yuga/era, most of the humans realize their true purpose in life only at and after the age of 40. For some, it is as earlier as 36. This means that you are either taught, manipulated through marketing or you unconsciously mimic the dreams of others. When you are blindly following someone else’s dream, you become blinded to the idea of success.

Success according to me is creating your own milestones without aiming for them. When you have an eye at the future, you fail to give 100% to your present. You still will touch the benchmark, but just not yours.

Failure – Does it exist?

People talk of failure as a byproduct of success. Not being able to achieve what you aim is termed by many as failure. Ironically, this term is allowed as a part of our encyclopedia.

Think – when has this failure actually limited anyone’s potential? It has only proved as a stepping stone to achievement. Hence, you should replace failure with ‘step to achievement’. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, a reporter went and asked him about his feeling of failing a thousand times before his successful invention. To this, Edison responded that the bulb was invented with a thousand steps.

People forget how a toddler falls repeatedly before walking. He is not failing but stepping up to his achievement which is actually a success. Each aspect at every age of life is similar. How one handles these steps to success vary considerably. Yet again, your emotional response is also highly influenced by the external world.

As a result.. you are just like a rat on a running wheel. You are constantly comparing your achievements and life to others, running in a herd and following an unknown path. Untangle yourself from success vs failure. Focus on karma and achievements.

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