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Morning Routine & Numerology: Best Way to Kickstart Your Day!

Your morning routine & numerology life path numbers are connected. This can help you harness positive energies.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astro-Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Holistic Healer)

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Numbers

Numerology is an age old science. This science is purely energy based. Millions around the world follow numerology best practices for better health, motivation, luck and positivity.

When it comes to morning routines, this is unique to each individual. However, certain practices based on your numerology life path number can help you start your day with positive vibrations.

Life Path Number is your birth force number. This tells you how you are deep within. Also, it tells you the traits that you carry from birth. Hence, it tells you what comes natural to you.

In effect, this is one of the most important numbers. So, it makes sense to sync your morning routines to your life path numbers.

This is how you calculate your life path number:

Suppose a person is born on 22nd of September, 1992. The life path is calculated simply by adding 2+2+9+1+9+9+2 = 34. Reduce this to a single digit i.e. 3+4 = 7. Hence, 7 is your life path number.

Morning Routine for Different Numerology Life Path Numbers

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 1

You are a natural leader. Passionate about growth and stability. Your desires are strong. Also, you like to take charge of things. At times, you can feel a little glutted. Hence, always begin your day with meditation. Next, do not forget to practice gratitude. Each morning, thank the higher power for things that you are blessed with.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 2

You will work best when part of a group. Staying in harmony will be your mantra. However, some duality of mind will make decisions harder. Hence, you should begin your morning connecting with people you value. It is they that will keep you sane. Talking to friends will work like a therapy for you. Therefore, each morning, try to strengthen your bonds.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 3

You are a creative individual. Your freedom is important to you. Plans from life are big. Also, things can, at times, dreamy. Life path number 3 people also take their sweet time to rise and shine. Therefore, at first, begin your day early. That it, before or at sunrise. Secondly, each morning, jot down your action plans. Prioritize your goals. Focus on fulfilling one goal per day.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 4

You are responsible, grounded. Also, you are strong-headed. You do not like any changes in your routine. Moreover, you also introspect a lot. Mostly, unwanted. Hence, you should start your mornings with meditation. Moreover, foster your mind with positive thoughts. Practice self-love. Take your time to look after your health. Finally, avoid internet and mobile phones.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 5

You are always young by heart. Spontaneous and chirpy, you are also adventurous. Plus, your mind is always active. This makes you scatter your energies. Hence, your mornings should begin in a peace and comforting place. Have your coffee in the garden. Else, take a walk around the park. Some soothing music can also calm your nerves.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 6

You are highly responsible. Subconsciously, other’s welfare is always on your mind. Taking care of family, kids, friends will come natural to you. However, you push yourself too hard. Therefore, begin the mornings with yoga and meditation. Hydrate yourself. Soak up the positive rays of the sun. Slow starts are good for you.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 7

You are very wise. However, you are an overthinker. Your mind runs in several directions. Introspection becomes a big problem. This can also lead to depressive thoughts. Hence, your morning should begin in an open environment. Indulge in exercises and stretches. Try to let go of things. Tell yourself when you get up from bed – “I am in a happy state of mind”.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 8

You are ambitious and a workaholics. Also, you like to control your environment. However, you also get some qualities from life path number 4& 7. Therefore, your mornings should begin easy. Sip your coffee in peace, do yoga. Else, spend time with the nature. Calm your senses. Followed by this, pen down your activities for the day.

Morning Routine & Numerology Life Path Number 9

You are always forward looking. Your mind is always racing ten steps ahead. There are numerous things you want to do. This exerts you, mentally and physically. Therefore, it is key to reduce the momentum. Put on some nature sounds. Meditation is key followed by a nature walk. Do not read newspapers or browse the internet.

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