Astrology Insider for Week June 30 - July 6, 2024

Look at how your professional and personal lives will work this week.


6/24/20243 min read

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This week will begin with a strong Mars residing in your zodiac. Hence, it is very beneficial for professional as well as mental domains. New opportunities will find their way to you. Having said that, just keep your impulses under control. Speculative traders will do well. Relationships are still being impacted. Health, however, will get better.

Solution: Read Hanuman Chalisa for better results.


A strong Jupiter will make things better this week. However, your lord Venus has still not recovered. Mid-week onward, Saturn will also impact your finances and the health of a family member. Be vigilant. Relationships will function well in variable amounts. Hence, stay focused on work. At last, your own health will also require attention.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Om Praam Preem Proum Sah(a) Shanish-cha-raaya Namah 108 times daily.


A bold Sun and Mercury will favor you in your endeavors, but please ensure that you do not take huge risks in overconfidence. This is because of poor nakshatras/constellations hovering as well. Share market people will benefit this week. Relationships will be good. However, take care of lower body health.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Saraswati Om Saras-watt-yayi Namah 108 times daily.


This will be a mixed period as Moon will be impacted by Saturn, which will bring a host of emotions and affect your decision-making. Keep an open eye on opportunities to make money. Physical exertion will take place, but by the weekend, you will do well commercially. Relationships and health remain average.

Solution: Feed a biscuit to a dog daily. Also, put an iron ring on any finger for protection.


Despite a strong lord, you will generate just 60% from your efforts this week. Expenses will result mostly due to your own mistakes. Seek advice for key decisions. Relationships—personal and otherwise—will also get deeply impacted. Listen more and play along. Health is another segment that will impact you—stress and gut health.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Om Hreem Hreem Surr-yaa-ya Namah 108 times daily.


You'll be doing well in the commercial domain this week, provided you let go of your fixation on things. Do not let your beliefs turn into a self-destructive ego mechanism. Instead, be flexible and flow. Your lord Mercury is in full swing. Utilize this period. Relationships will also require you to be less bossy. At last, in health, be mindful of flu and fever.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroum Sah(a) Raa-ha-vey Namah 108 times daily.


A confused mind combined with lower energy will trouble you. Hence, mental and physical health are the areas to focus on. Stay hydrated and avoid bad cholesterol. Lower body will be impacted, including lower back. Commercially, it will be a decent ride as help will pour in. Relationships will be a mixed bag. You are sure to disappoint some people.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Cleem Shree Sidhha Laksh-mai-yayi Namah 108 times daily.


Things are better for you at the start as your lord is strong, plus an aspect of Jupiter is strong. However, Saturn is about to hit hard. First, be morally correct in your actions. Second, be empathetic. Third, control your expenses. A family member's health will trouble you. Plus, your own relationships will test you. Be conscious of your speech.

Solution: Donate food to the needy and chant the mantra: Om Shann Shanish-cha-raaya Namah 108 times daily.


You'll not be earning up to your expectations. Despite a strong Jupiter, you are heavily impacted by malefic aspects that let you miss out on opportunities. Some results will disappoint at the last moment. Also, health will not be optimum. Be flexible, grab everything that comes your way. I strongly advise you to keep away from any relationship aspect that impacts your personal growth.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Om Sraam Sreem Sroum Sah(a) Key-ta-vey Namah 108 times daily and donate sweets to girls aged under 10 years.


Your lord is about to take a U-turn on 29th June 2024. Hence, buckle up, work hard and control your expenses. Do not loan out money, avoid big investments and partnerships for now. Take care of your bones and muscles. Avoid exertion. Stick to a conventional routine. Relationships will stay average, only because of your own energies.

Solution: Donate black urad dal to any needy person and chant the mantra: Om Shann Shanish-cha-raaya Namah 108 times daily.


Unlike Capricorn, you will escape the brunt of Saturn but it will bring deep emotional vulnerability. In the process, do not ruin what you've already built. Stick to playing it safe. No risks. Avoid confrontations with members of the opposite sex. Be mindful of your speech. Health will get impacted negatively but will be recoverable.

Solution: Visit a Bhairon temple and chant the mantra: Om Shann Shanish-cha-raaya Namah 108 times daily.


Your lord Jupiter is strong but for the first 3 days of the week, Rahu impacts your mind and Moon gets caught in the act. However, mid-week onward, you will see great benefits commercially with a strong Venus and Sun joining to support you. Relationships will be a run-of-the-mill affair. At last, work on your overall health and stamina.

Solution: Chant the mantra: Om Ramm Raa-ha-vey Namah 108 times daily.