Scorpio Zodiac December 1 – 7 : With Remedies

Scorpio Zodiac Forecast for week December 1-7 gives you a brief update on challenges. Also get remedies.

By: Dr. Palash Thhakur (Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Holistic Healer)

Scorpio is the 8th sign in the zodiac chain. Mars or Mangal (in hindi) is the ruler of this sign. People born under this sign are ambitious and strong-headed. They are curious, calculative, passionate & loyal. Their minds are always racing. Hence, it becomes difficult to them to stay at one place.

If you belong to the Scorpio Zodiac, this update will be very useful for you. This week, a host of energies are coming together.

1. The retrograde Mars gives a negative aspect to your mind. This means that most of your decisions will be impulsive. As a result, you will be disappointed with the results of your actions. In particular, you will need to spend wisely. Else, you will face shortage of money.

2. Combust Mercury will make you a little selfish. This will mostly apply to all aspects of your life. Such as, love, money matters, friendships. Moreover, Mercury being the ruler of intelligence, you will make some wrong decisions. Plus, your willingness to accept your actions will be absent. Thankfully, 4th of December onward Mercury comes it’s normal state.

3. Venus, a planet which is all about luxury, romance and sensuality, will affect you. Residing in Scorpio, it will not give it’s usual energy. That is, it will be more intense and fiery. This will make your emotions go haywire. If you desires are not met, you can go to revenge mode.

4. Sun in the life force of this universe. It’s presence in Scorpio is good. It gives you intuitive powers. You will be bold and fearless. Your speech, however, needs to be soft. At times, you will say things abruptly. This can hurt people around you. Sun in Scorpio is all about self-discovery. You will work on yourself. Plus, your ambitious-self will be profound. On the contrary, you will turn argumentative.

Scorpio Zodiac – Some Simple Remedies

1. Start your day with 15 minutes of meditation. Find a quite, clean corner. No phones or music.

2. Chant “Aum Kraam Kreem Kroum Sah Bhoumaya Namah” 108 times. Do this in the morning; before leaving home.

3. Wear more of light colors – pinks, whites, blues. Avoid red and black for a while.

4. Tuesdays, if possible, visit a Hanuman Temple. You can also read Hanuman Chalisa.

5. If you stay close to a water body, feed the fishes.


This update is to help you mitigate the negatives. By end of the week, you will feel much better. You will witness a general change in energy.

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