How Do You Know If You've Met Your Soulmate?

Several factors help you know that he/she is the one.


6/18/20241 min read

shallow focus photo of man kissing woman
shallow focus photo of man kissing woman

I often get this question asked by people about their current or potential partners. Well, based on several belief systems and societies; whether spiritual or religious, it is believed that god or the universe always sends someone for you and this is how you can find out if that person is your soulmate or not:

You Meet by Accident

Amongst billions of people, that one person catches your eye. That isn't a coincidence. It is unplanned and quick.

Deep Connection

You instantly hit off, develop a comfort zone and feel like you've known this person your entire life. This is nothing like attraction but a strong emotional bond, unlike any other relationship.

Spiritual Alignment

You and your soulmate share similar beliefs and values. This leads to growth for both of you as individuals.


There is unconditional love and acceptance between both of you. Both of you feel heard, understood and accepted; despite your flaws and past history.

Synchronities and Signs

The universe will always create instances where you are pushed towards your soulmate, through dreams, memories and by removing anything or any person that stands in your path.

The Divine Timing

You will meet that person when both of you really need someone in your life. The timing is perfectly orchestrated.

Effortless Communication

When you talk to each other, it is effortless, natural and the flow can mean talking for long hours.

Readiness for the Future

Despite the sync, the universe itself will present challenges for each of you to encounter. This is to ready you for your collective future. You will fail, rise again but only to be one soul, two bodies.

So, do you feel such a connection with anyone? If so, take it as a sign from the higher above.