Numerology and Career Choice: This is the Connection

If you are confused about your passion or career choice, Numerology can help.


6/17/20241 min read

woman in orange long sleeve shirt sitting beside table with macbook pro
woman in orange long sleeve shirt sitting beside table with macbook pro

There is no doubt that Numerology is gaining momentum around the world. Lot of giant business leaders and professionals alike use this wonderful science to unlock their destinities. Moreover, the path or purpose of your soul is revealed, just like your subconcious self. This helps you make better career choices, iginiting your passion and eventual happiness and success.

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Before you proceed, this is how you calculate your Numerology Day Number: For example, if you were born on 1,10,19, 0r 28 of any month, you are a number 1 person. (example: 2+8 = 10, reduced to 1 or 1+9 = 10, reduced to 1. Hence, you are a Day No. 1 person). The below article is a broad outlook. During personal consultations, we look at a host of other Numerology Numbers like Life Path Number, Heart's Desires etc.

Numerology and Career Choice / Ideas for Each Number

Number 1 (Sun): Known for leadership, independence, and innovation, number 1 individuals excel in roles where they can pioneer and direct. Ideal businesses include startups in technology, consultancy services, and leadership coaching. These ventures allow them to leverage their ambition and creativity.

Number 2 (Moon): Sensitive and diplomatic, number 2 people thrive in supportive and harmonious environments. Suitable business ideas include event planning, interior design, wellness centers, and mediation services. These fields allow them to use their intuitive and nurturing nature.

Number 3 (Jupiter): Creative and expressive, those with the number 3 should consider ventures that allow for artistic or communicative expression. Advertising agencies, entertainment production, publishing, and public relations firms are excellent choices. Their optimism and creativity can shine here.

Number 4 (Rahu/Uranus): Practical and disciplined, number 4 individuals excel in structured and organized settings. Business ideas include project management firms, logistics companies, real estate development, and financial planning services. These ventures align with their methodical and reliable nature.

Number 5 (Mercury): Adaptable and communicative, number 5 people are well-suited for dynamic and fast-paced environments. Ideal businesses include travel agencies, marketing firms, technology startups, and trading companies. Their versatility and quick thinking are assets in these fields.

Number 6 (Venus): Harmonious and nurturing, number 6 individuals are drawn to aesthetic and caring professions. Business ideas include beauty salons, spas, fashion boutiques, and childcare centers. These ventures allow them to create beauty and comfort for others.

Number 7 (Ketu/Neptune): Reflective and spiritual, those with the number 7 should consider businesses that involve introspection and innovation. Suitable ideas include research institutes, spiritual retreats, holistic health services, and technology development. Their analytical and intuitive skills are beneficial here.

Number 8 (Saturn): Determined and strong-willed, number 8 individuals thrive in demanding and authoritative roles. Ideal businesses include manufacturing, construction, legal services, and corporate management. Their resilience and organizational skills drive success in these areas.

Number 9 (Mars): Passionate and dynamic, number 9s are suited for ventures that require energy and courage. Business ideas include fitness centers, sports management, emergency services, and nonprofit organizations. Their drive and commitment to causes make them natural leaders in these fields.

I hope the above information on Numerology and Career Choice was a fun read. Keep diving into this wonderful science to benefit.