Numerology and Food Have a Strong Connection

Numerology and Food: Learn What You Should Eat Based on Your Key Numbers


6/17/20242 min read

vegetable and meat on bowl
vegetable and meat on bowl

Chaldean numerology is the oldest form of energy science that interprets numbers to reveal insights about an individual’s personality and life path. It extends its wisdom to dietary recommendations. This amazing science suggests that specific foods can enhance the positive energies associated with one's day and life path numbers, promoting balance and well-being.

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Before you read, understand this: If you are born on 1,10,19 or 28 of any month, you are a No. 1 person. Add up the compound numbers and you'll figure our your day number. Example, if you are born on 13th of any month, then you add up 1+3 = 4. Hence, you are a number 4 person.

Foods for Each Numerology Number

Number 1 (Sun): Known for leadership and ambition, number 1 individuals benefit from foods that provide strength and vitality. Spicy foods, root vegetables like carrots and beets, and hearty grains such as quinoa are ideal.

Number 2 (Moon): Sensitive and intuitive, those with the number 2 thrive on calming foods. Dairy products, rice, cucumber, and melons can help maintain their emotional balance.

Number 3 (Jupiter): Creative and optimistic, number 3 people should indulge in vibrant, high-energy foods. Citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens like spinach enhance their natural zest.

Number 4 (Rahu/Uranus): Practical and disciplined, number 4s need grounding foods. Whole grains, nuts, and root vegetables stabilize their industrious nature.

Number 5 (Mercury): Adaptable and communicative, number 5 individuals benefit from foods that support their nervous system. Fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds are excellent choices.

Number 6 (Venus): Harmonious and nurturing, number 6s should focus on soothing and luxurious foods. Sweet fruits, honey, and dairy help nurture their loving nature.

Number 7 (Ketu/Neptune): Reflective and spiritual, those with the number 7 find balance in cleansing foods. Herbal teas, seaweed, and fresh fruits support their introspective tendencies.

Number 8 (Saturn): Determined and strong-willed, number 8 individuals need foods that sustain their energy. Protein-rich foods, legumes, and dark leafy greens are beneficial.

Number 9 (Mars): Passionate and dynamic, number 9s thrive on energizing foods. Spicy dishes, red fruits, and high-protein foods like beans and lentils fuel their fiery spirit.

By aligning your diet with your numerological profile, you can tap into the positive energies that Chaldean numerology espouses, fostering both physical health and spiritual well-being.

Disclaimer: This is a general information based on numerology. Please ask a relevant health practitioner if the relevant foods will suit your body or not, or else, if you have allergies of any kind.