Spiritual Healing for a Balanced Life

Everything is made up of the five tatvas or the five elements of nature in this universe.

In simple words, everything is made up of and connected through and by energy. Our body is a gifted medium for us to connect with the universe (through our senses) and seek the ultimate truth.

Today’s lifestyle is stressful and can take away our ability to connect with the energies that support us in living healthy and experience life in it’s complete form.

Spiritual healing connects you with your inner self and helps balance the chakras of your body that result in a happier, fulfilling and peaceful life.

Once your energies are in balance, you will experience greater success, enhanced relationships and superior self-confidence.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing:

1. A greater sense of personal and professional fulfillment

2. Enhanced physical relationships and satisfaction

3. Surge in self-confidence

4. Greater realization of emotional connection, eradication of baggage/bad emotional experience from the past and enablement of a successful love life

5. Excellent clarity of thoughts and communication

6. Heightened intuition

7. Improved inner peace and connection with the outer world

How spiritual healing session takes place?

Through a combination of yoga, meditation, diet, gems, essential oils and music, you will learn to open and balance the chakras of your body and connect the elements of soul, spirit, body and mind.

Those who are depressed, holding a baggage, face constant failures, illnesses, depict overt behaviors, feel disconnected from the inner and out worlds or feel they lack control of their emotions or habits will experience a complete turnaround in their lives.

The healing process requires discipline which may be a slow or a quick process for different individuals. Do not worry. We are not in a contest and there are no failures once you start. A normal session requires at least 3-4 hours for first timers.

spiritual healing

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers located at various points in our body that help us take in and reciprocate energies.

For example, if we are in a positive/happy environment and interacting with positive people, our heart’s energy centre takes in positive energy and reciprocates it back.

Similarly, our body takes in negative energy in negative circumstances and reciprocates it back. Think of chakras as doorways to your body and your aim is to keep each doorway positive and clean.

What are the prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the healing session as there is no physical exercise required. However, throughout the session, you will be abstained from communicating with anyone and/or from using any form of communication device.

What happens after the chakra healing session?

Once the chakra healing session is complete, you will be given instructions on practicing the meditation techniques on your own, focusing on balancing art and/or focusing on a particular chakra, as required. A free post-session follow-up of up to 3 months will ensure you are on the right path.

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